5 Characters Who Should be in PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale

PushStartSelect: "There are currently only six or so confirmed characters in the game, as it was an early presentation. However we expect to hear a hell of a lot more details on characters by E3 and right up until launch. The developers even stated it has a ton of potential for DLC, and lets face it Sony has enough characters to make a good amount of these without even repeating a single character. The thing is the game encompasses all three generations of PlayStation and there are characters that absolutely need to be in the game to represent the all-mighty PlayStation for its first round! Here is our list."

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Outside_ofthe_Box2753d ago

PSA Battle Royale wouldn't feel like a complete PS experience if Crash and Spyro don't make it into the game imo.

darklordzor2753d ago

Yeah, as big as they were for being the 'faces' of Sony back in the day, it'd seem almost criminal to not have them in there.

Army_of_Darkness2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

I'm sure Sony will be more than willing to add Crash and spyro if their new publishers allow it...

I hope there is a good balance of male to female characters in this game cause as far as mascots are concerned, the guys outweigh the girls and I wanna see some Nariko, Lara, Tifa, rikku, yuna, chloe and even those chicks from infamous 2!

pandaboy2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

well they could whip out the check book to ensure that classic and popular characters synonymous with playstation; the likes of crash, spyro and snake would be in it. Somehow I get the feeling that is not how sony is does these things though. They'd probably rather throw in a first party nobody like, oh I dunno, fat princess to save a quick buck.

thats_just_prime2753d ago

Funny how the ps3 fangirls say that they cant make this type of game for xbox cause xbox doesnt have anyone beside MC that isnt 3rd party. Yet here they are yelling that they want crash , spyro , snake , tifa and everyone else from 3rd parties. guess $ony doesnt really have anyone of there own besie kratos

sikbeta2753d ago

How much it could cost to Sony buy the Crash IP now that Activision pretty much destroyed it? buy it Sony and put Original Crash in Battle Royale!!!

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GribbleGrunger2753d ago

how many more of these articles are we going to get? it was interesting to start with but now it's just getting boring. it's safe to say that EVERYONE will eventually get want they want... i mean, DLC is licence to print money and Sony isn't going to pass on that

THESONYPS32753d ago

I think you might be a bit happy then ;)

NastyLeftHook02753d ago

the girls kratos has sex with in god of war. they will come back for child support and have special attacks.

TheLastGuardian2753d ago

Crash Bandicoot is my favorite series on PS1. I will be sorely disappointed if I can't fight as him in PSASBR.

I told SuperBot on Twitter yesterday how there's no other character I'd rather have in PSASBR and I will continue to request that Crash be put in this game until he is confirmed.

NeXXXuS2753d ago

I 100% agree with Arc. Underrated PS1 gem. Also, Dart from Legend of Dragoon.

Hufandpuf2753d ago

If Dart made it in, I'd gladly buy a PS3 to play it

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The story is too old to be commented.