PS4 hardware issues - won't arrive in 2013?

An unsubstantiated rumour suggests the PS4 is undergoing hardware restructuring meaning it's likely it won't hit retail shelves in 2013 as many are expecting.

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RaidensRising2758d ago

Considering no one knows if xbox will release next year the Ps4 could still release first.

Dante1122758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Totally believe this rumor from Lol, but on-topic, I'm just gonna wait for both MS and Sony to "announce" their next gen consoles first before I start to even consider these rumors.

Crazyglues2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

Yeah I was thinking the same exact thing, Really from surely they don't have no reason in the world to report false bullsh*t..


bunt-custardly2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

It's plausible none the less regardless of whether it's factual or not. I guess that's what rumours are. The reader then has to have the wits to separate plausibility from utter nonsense.

I think it's touch and go with Msxbox-world's "sources" and "news" but they have recently posted some world exclusive GAMEPLAY from GR:Future Soldier so must be a bit more well connected than some no name site.

Crazyglues2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

@ bunt-custardly

is it really plausible, let's just look at some facts..

1. It took me a Day to put together a high-end Gaming PC that would eat my PS3 alive..

Now I put it together my self, all ordered from it took me a few days to decide on what parts to go with - a few days of research.

2. So how long exactly do you think it will take for them to design the next PlayStation (a team of engineers)- A month, two months? I mean if you have a team of engineers and they can't design a gaming system in a month, I'm not saying build it, I'm just saying design it on paper - A team of engineers can't design a PS4 in under A month... LMAO -Laughing because we are over a year and a half from fall of 2013.

-you should also know that the development kits are already out for PS4. -how do you think they were able to test that the unreal engine will run on next gen consoles. -and that key developers are already working on PS4 titles

I mean once you decide on the hardware spec's what speed you need for the processor -they already have the graphics card from AMD.. how Long do you really think it's going to take to put everything together, I'm sure they are already running test models -of the new multi-core processors...


Dante1122758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

@ Bunt

Nvm, just realized that you're a part of the staff. But yeah, I'd hardly call getting gameplay footage from a multiplatform game first once this year as a well connected site

bunt-custardly2758d ago

No I'm not staff but I do exclusively submit their articles - so if that counts as staff then whoopie for me. And FYI it's not just one game.

Wikkid6662758d ago

Next Box with will definitely be released soon. Less than a year from now.

Persistantthug2758d ago


Because, thus far, I have yet to see any actual NEX GEN software that justifies a 4, 5, or $600 console upgrade. Why?
Because developers, for both financial & technological reasons, obviously aren't ready yet.

When they are, I'll be ready. But until then, the console industry is better off waiting.

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NastyLeftHook02758d ago is at it again!

Crazyglues2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

-Double post mistake-

1Victor2758d ago

No click for you msxbox-world good stealth trolling tho , next we'll have a rumor from PSlive saying the next box is having blu ray comparability issues and won't release next year.

volkornka2758d ago

of coarse its true. obvious.

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