Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Beta On PS3 Receives A Title Update

After playing through the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier beta, we experienced quite a few issues that impacted balancing quite a bit, but with the latest update today most of the problems should disappear.

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Crazyglues2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

You know I wanted to check this out, I was thinking about actually getting the game...

-But I got disgusted when I found out you needed a Code for the beta.. -Really I don't get to check out your game- The person who might buy it Brand New from

So I just decided I'll pass and put that money on MAX PAYNE 3

But it got me thinking, I wonder if Game Companies understand that not making the beta free for all is a bad move - I mean for one, the people you gave the beta are people who already ordered the game.. (you don't need to really convince them, hence that's why they per-ordered.

You might want to reward them with something special like special gold guns or something only available to people who per-ordered.

Since most people don't download beta's even when they are free, shouldn't you make them free to all so that those people who were on the fence, or not sure, get to see that the game is awesome and end up telling their friends to get it too.

(Game demos can help sell your game in more ways then you think) It's a shame game companies don't get it. (doing demo's this way is a big mistake)


PirateThom2757d ago

I think the idea of a beta has been lost though. If it's available to all, it's a multiplayer demo, because all they're doing is stress testing. For a true beta, it should be very limited and limited to people who give the developers direct feedback, not play the game and then complain on forums where it won't been seen.

Crazyglues2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

@ Pirate Thom & Reborn...

yes these are good points, I think I was thinking demo and yes this is a beta..

I see your point if that was what they intended which is see if they can tweak stuff for the final game then yes, this makes sense..

But I think since it came out so close to the release I took it as a demo.. but it is indeed a beta my mistake..

-I doubt they will do a demo then..


Reborn2757d ago

This is a beta, not a demo.

I don't know what Ubi plans are. However, it seems that their able to make modifications, and changes this way. Which is good. Maybe they'll release a demo? (Haven't heard anything though)

dazzrazz2757d ago

Testing shit 30 days before game comes out its not a beta, its called pre order demo. Thankfully there were tons of websites giving out the codes and I can safely skip this steaming pile of shit that can't even sustain 30 fps

ThrazN72757d ago

herp derp look at my ps3 signature at the end of my comments so classy and cool.

Holeran2757d ago

I bought Max Payne 3 as well, and Ghost Recon Future Soldier because I think both will be worthy of a new purchase. But then again I could be wrong I also pre-purchased Battlefield 3 for the PS3 and after putting it in my PS3 and wanting to put it through my shredder because of the input lag I decided to trade it in and at least get a little of the money I wasted back.

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helghast1022757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

INCREASED the duration of the sensor?
That settles it, never playing this again.
edit: somehow skimmed over the whole "radius reduction", that's good news then.
Maybe I will play again..


Captain Qwark 92757d ago

love it, will pick it p in a couple months. i prefer dragons dogma first though

DarKnightDave2757d ago

The beta is awesome, tho I wish I signed up for a plus sub. earlier to play it more and get the hang of it better. I cant wait till it comes out. But I'm getting Sniper Elite V2 tomorrow to tide me over.