Jane Jensen's Moebius Will Bring The Point And Click Genre Into The Next Generation (GamerLive.TV)

From the very beginning, Jane Jensen and her development team have handed over the keys to the fans. Allowing them to choose the plotline, the name of the game and what gameplay features are going to be implanted into the game. What did the fans decide on? With a resounding sixty percent vote, Jane Jensen and her team are now working on Moebius; a metaphysical thriller set in Venice when a young women is found dead and you must find out what happens, but their appears to be more that meets the eye. I recently got a chance to talk with Jane Jensen and her look back on her career and got inside info on the point and click adventure called Moebius.

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Titanz2760d ago

I think the point-&-click games, is the perfect type of genre to entice the feminist market. Although Zack & Wiki and the trauma center series was a good start for the Wii, it'll be a shame if developers don't carry over support for this type of genre when the Wii U launches this year.

LightForceJedi2760d ago

Good point, but very few indie developers are getting wii U dev kits. the big publishers have the gear, but it's going to be awhile before the indie develops anything for the next gen.