Jimquistion: Better Does Not Mean Good

"Things in the game industry could be worst. We could all be living in the 80s, or we could be in Australia, beset by high prices and restricted ratings. We could also have no arms. We could have porcelain eyes. We could be killed by a Terminator to stop our children leading a revolution against a genocidal artificial intelligence.

Things could always be worse, but saying that to counter an argument about the North American videogame industry doesn't really prove a bloody thing."

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halocursed2756d ago

Great episode as always. I was hoping he would mention Crytek's remarks on used games policy with next-gen consoles.

coolbeans2756d ago

I believe he had a one episode dedicated to the good of used game sales. Check out either my news submissions (I'm usually the one who posts these vids on here) or go to to search for it :).

vortis2756d ago

To be a douche bag, Jimquisition nails it every single time. This was a perfect counter-argument to those silly corporate apologists who keep thinking that the PS2 era never existed, which obviously gave us the most bang for our buck in content to value ratio.