Forbes: DUST 514 Is A New Kind Of Shooter - An Interview With CCP Games CEO Hilmar Pétursson

Forbes writes: DUST 514 promises to change the way we think about online gaming. CCP Games CEO Hilmar Pétursson talks about how the developer came up with its free-to-play MMOFPS, and what makes the game so unique.

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WeskerChildReborned2753d ago

I really hope it live's to it's potential cause i'm really looking forward to this.

solidworm2753d ago

Hope its good but i see the shooting being clunky and crap...hope im wrong.

Fylus2753d ago

Well according to people who have played it, so far, the controls and movement scheme are comfortable, it's just the aiming itself that feels a little loose.

So it isn't clunky or heavy, just loose. That's a good start in my opinion.

Virtual_Reality2753d ago

Agree, but because is a very old build. This build is the same the Devs were testing internally back in December.

They released this build with the purpose to stress the server adding new players.

This is a screenshot from the current closed beta available in game, you can see every detail of this build:

CCP already have a new and updated build of DUST 514 not released yet.

smashcrashbash2753d ago

Premature negativity. Classic modern gamer

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2753d ago

Give me an access code to the beta, please XD

Fylus2753d ago

Yeah, It Is. Sorry to ruin your dreams of this game being just another generic shooter (What kind of troll wants that anyways?) but if you would just educate yourself for like 10 seconds about this game, you'll discover the truth.

kaveti66162753d ago

It's an MMOFPS. There are plenty of games like this.

The worst part about DUST 514 is that the outcomes of matches in this game affect the EVE universe.

Bravo, you've screwed over your PC fanbase. They do not want a console game to affect the universe they've been playing in for years.

It's not wildly different from any other MMOFPS except for that stupid system they've created.

"A new kind of shooter" is a buzz phrase.

I don't have dreams of this game being a generic shooter. I frankly do not care what they do with it, but they're ruining the EVE universe with this.

Fylus2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Do not assume EVERY EVE player hates the idea of this game. I'm sure the 10 thousand EVE players that attended DUST 514's Keynote Event are just dreading this game. /s

Seriously, I know tons of EVE players who are totally looking forward to this game. The world doesn't revolve around your opinion.

kaveti66162753d ago Show
Fylus2753d ago

Now you're just being an immature troll. Like I said, the world doesn't revolve around your OPINION.

Congratulations with all those disagrees. At least your next comment won't get any (No more bubbles).

VonBraunschweigg2753d ago

Dust isn't going to ruin EVE. First of all Dust starts in a closed, monitored part EVE, not the entire universe (I heard of nullsec and highsec but really, I don't know what's what). Second, when Dust launches it will remain in development, it's not finished. And the major reason for that is CCP doesn't know if EVE players will like this. If not then the impact of Dust games on the universe will remain minimal, or closed to a small part of EVE that pilots can ignore. If a substantial amount of pilots do like it, well who knows, that's the cool part of this combo, we may see it continued on PS4. But in no way will CCP or Sony allow anything to ruin all those years of EVE.

If Dust sucks none of this matters of course, there won't be enough mercs. And what happens if Dust turns out to be a cool game on it's own but EVE pilots are not hiring enough, or not at all, will they continue Dust as a stand-alone game or shut it down? Interesting to see where this is going, I'll try Dust for sure when it starts.

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PR_FROM_OHIO2753d ago

Can't wait for this game!!!

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