Humble Bundle Ends 3rd May! Beautiful Point & Click Adventures for Less Than a Tenner?

James Steel writes:
"Indie Bundles have fast become my favourite internet events, providing high quality independant video games through a Pay-What-You-Want method, where not only does the money go directly to the developers, but also a number of charities such as The World Land Trust in the latest Humble Bundle.

What also makes this newest Humble Hundle awesome is the fact that Botanicula makes its debut, the latest weird and wonderful point and click adventure from Amanita Design, who were previously responsile for Machinarium. In this colourful and humorous adventure, you'll lead a motley band of tree creatures trying to save their home from parasitic invaders! It's certainly been impressing critics, so why not give it go, while knowing that your money is going to a good cause."

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