Entropia Developer Hints at Big Plans for 2008

GameSpy briefly met with MindArk, the developers of Entropia Universe, at the rear of the gaming pavilion at the CES. Their hope had been to catch a glimpse of how the game will look now that MindArk has licensed the CryTek graphics engine, the eye-popping powerhouse that drove the visuals for last year's amazing Crysis. Unfortunately, the revamped game wasn't being shown on the floor. They did, however, chat with the team about some interesting new developments that are underway for 2008.

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Kakkoii3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

I personally play this game and I can't wait for this update to come.

For people who don't know. Entropia Universe is a MMORPG. Which has a huge amount of land space, with more planets to come in the future.

The game has tons of professions to choose from. You could be a miner or a hunter or a hair dresser or a designer or a crafter and blah blah.. on and on. And you can take up as many professions as you want, if you have the money to buy the tools to gain experience in those professions.

The game economy is also a real world cash economy. The ingame money "PED" is 100PED = 10USD.

There are people who make a living off this game.

Think second life, but not so cluster $#cked with randomness. More of a game then just a second life.