Breaking the ice with Kinect

GameZone's Joe Donato writes, "I literally think I need a drink. I've yelled commands at Shepard's crew in Mass Effect 3 and it's just too damn awkward. Voice commands with the Kinect are a great idea in theory, but in practice there's a certain shame in yelling at your television. Now Skyrim is getting similar support, and I have to wonder what my roommates will think when I start yelling "Fus Ro Dah" like a crazed lunatic."

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EVILDEAD3602753d ago

Heres the facts from someone who owns Kinect and used it through ME3..

Unlike the authors version the truth is you don't have to YELL..when you set it up you simply speak at the level you want Kinect to detect your voice and it does the work for you.

You do way more in the game than simply yell squad commands during combat. As an ME fan from day one the Kinect implementation was a blast. Did I use it the whole time throughout every scenario? Nope. But it was a simply a fun way to be able to experience the universe.

Havent got around to Skyrim, but Ghost Recon may be interesting. Ultimately, it's optional and when developers find really good uses for it (like changing clubs in golf or a specific gun in a shoouter and interacting with NPCs) then it really does enhance the experience


Lord_Sloth2753d ago

Kinect is being used as an expensive microphone.

thebudgetgamer2753d ago

They should be careful breaking ice with Kinect, it might break.

2753d ago