Will Gamers Still Love Lara Croft?

1UP- Crystal Dynamics' Tomb Raider reboot strives to make Lara more "relatable." But is that what fans want?

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NYC_Gamer2755d ago

The franchise needs to be rebooted back to its roots and not made mainstream/casual

NukaCola2755d ago

I liked the demo. It seems like they are going all out. Uncharted raised the bar the original Tomb Raiders set years ago. Now it looks like they are going to do the same to the TR series again. It needs this. Lara hasn't had a real smash in ages. I also love all the Square published games like Hitman and this are getting the Maya/Crystal/White Engine Square treatments in the CGi department. The one thing Square has never done wrong ( regardless if the game sucked) is the CGi cutscenes. Also Lara is no longer a big boobed girl so they can focus on character development without any distractions.

Awesome_Gamer2755d ago

Yeah the demo was quite good.. im really looking forward to this game

SeraphimBlade2755d ago

The question seems more like "will they like the NEW Lara Croft?" I haven't been following the game to closely, but I do really like the new direction. And I never saw the reason she was that well-liked in the first place.

Well, okay, I can think of TWO reasons...

NastyLeftHook02755d ago

lara croft rocks, so does nathan drake. but i like the role nathan drake plays more.

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The story is too old to be commented.