God of War: Ascension – Aha! So that’s where Sony goes with it

SchollA from Console ControllUs writes:

From Revenge to Avenge

I just wrote a article wondering how a unangry Kratos would reflect 'Ascension's' gameplay.

GOW got a new Game director (Todd Papy) but may not get new gameplay after all.

Kratos has spent most of his gaming life filled with over-the-top anger and revenge but now I might have come across some insight into how this new story may unfold.

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NastyLeftHook02364d ago

it would be amazing if they somehow add split screen. but if not im still buying it regardless. its fkn god of war.

Scholla2363d ago

Yes Sir! on that last part.

But u mean split screen co-op? If so the way god of war moves through levels u may not need it both players could co-exist on one screen. Thus not stealing any real estate space.

NastyLeftHook02363d ago

ahh, never thought of that! makes sense.

GraveLord2363d ago

For it to have split-screen they would have to dumb down the graphics. People are used to seeing Amazing graphics with God of War, you can't just take that away.

rjdofu2363d ago

They said in one of the interview that there won't be split screen co-op, instead 2 people/1 screen to ensure the graphics quality.

BitbyDeath2363d ago

You got a link? I've been waiting to find that out.
+Bubble for info

rjdofu2363d ago

@mid video. But i'm don't think its 100% sure that there's a co-op mode 'cus he said that "if" they gonna do local co-op mode.

Chitown712912363d ago

Kratos might be the only guy to take on 300 spartans by himself.........

basilezz30302363d ago

why a spartan kill spartans ???

but yeah those 300 wouldn't last long aganist him lol