Destructoid- Fable Heroes Review

Destructoid- Fable Heroes is a mediocre game at best, largely due to imprecise controls that are exacerbated by its scoring mechanics. If it was even slightly exciting to play, all of its issues could be overlooked in favor of a capability to provide simple cooperative family entertainment. Unfortunately, it is not.

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OllieBoy2363d ago

Who didn't see this coming?

NukaCola2363d ago

I wasn't personally waiting for this game to even care. It looks like a cheap knock of of Castle Crashers and what's with the sort of weird doll-like characters? It look nothing like a Fable game at all.

TheColbertinator2363d ago

This is a sad day for one my favorite franchises on Xbox.

aviator1892363d ago

Yeah, I feel the same. I thought the game would be at least decent, but, alas, it's a shame. :(

mr_badhand2363d ago

The media is definitely biased against MS!