Edge:Fable Heroes review

Edge:Brightly coloured, cartoonishly exaggerated, and with not a straight line in sight, you’d think that Fable’s art style was already welcoming enough for those seeking an antidote to naturalistic fantasy. A team within Lionhead, however, clearly thinks otherwise, and has knitted together a cel-shaded, pop-up book version of Albion, turned the characters into round-headed dolls, and even managed to cutesy up the hordes of hobbes and slavering balverines as much as is possible. Indeed, Fable Heroes is more reminiscent of Double Fine’s downloadable confection Costume Quest than any Fable game released so far, its jaunty visions of previous games’ heroes (and villains, too, whatever the title might lead you to believe) making for a more family-friendly brand of sidescrolling brawler.

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