What Black Ops 2 Needs To Succeed

Black Ops 2 has been all but confirmed via multiple sources. Yes, we will shockingly be getting a new Call Of Duty game this year. Despite a questionable name (Black Ops itself was a sequel to World At War), assuming Treyarch's developing, it should be interesting seeing how it plays out. Black Ops explored a time period not many games had before, switched up the style of the campaign, and expanded on the successful zombie mode. So what does Black Ops 2 need to succeed?

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decrypt2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

Console gamers just love this franchise and since Activision has been so good to them, it only makes sense to support the franchise. i mean Cod really is the only first person shooter on console that runs at 60 Fps abd sports 9 vs 9 combat.

Its no wonder console gamers looking for a 60 fps experience dont have another choice. Since they dont have another choice they support the franchise so much.

I would suggest other devs dumb the quality of their graphics down on console so their games may run at 60fps. i am sure console gamers will appreciate the added choice of playable games.

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Roper3162365d ago

sad thing is the game will succeed weather it deserves to or not just based on the fact that COD is in the title.

but I will say I liked B.O's better than the MW COD games.

WeskerChildReborned2365d ago

The game will still succeed in sales. I just hope this time it become's more innovative at least and not just a copy of the last Black Ops like how IW just copied MW2.

Kos-Mos2365d ago

People with teen mentality?

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