New Metal Gear Rising teaser confirms the return of Solidus

"The lastest Metal Gear Rising teaser confirms that Solidus, with whom Raiden was a child soldier under Solidus during the Liberian Civil War of the late 1980′s will feature in Revengeance. If you listen carefully you can hear Solidus’ voice, that of John Cygan."

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HaHa_Ostrich2751d ago

That is absurd. Solidus died in MGS2 and his body burned in MGS4. Rising takes place after MGS4... On the other hand, alot of people have risen from the dead in the MGS saga.

ssj3goku872751d ago

Solidus did die in MGS2/4. But this does not mean hes alive in MG Rising. In the video it was only a flash back when Raiden was a child soldier.

morganfell2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

We do not know for sure Solidus died in MGS2. Here:

All we know is that parts of him and Liquid were used to restore Big Boss some time prior to the incident on the Volta in MGS4 where his body was burned. That's it. Though his appearance is likely a flashback, we are not sure what happened to him after he falls from Metal Gear Arsenal and is seen reaching up.

Remember, this is Metal Gear and until they are burned at the stake, beheaded, drawn and quartered, beaten like a pinata, put through a meat grinder, and launched into the sun coated in gasoline driving a toilet paper space shuttle we can't be sure they are dead.

NukaCola2751d ago

This is the perfect opportunity for Konami to give us the full story on old Jack the Ripper. I am no worried about the combat. Platinum Games are champs and they proved that. I am worried about story. MGS has cutscenes and it may just be me but I really want a crap tons of movies with it. Also, I want the MGS4 fight with Vamp. But this time instead of Vamp/Raiden in the cutscene with Snake shooting Gheckos, I want a split screen cutscenes with snake shooting gheckos and I get to actually fight Vamp. Also the earlier street fight scene too would be great. That would be some fan service. I fear it'll be just a spin off.

Godmars2902751d ago

Doesn't this take place outside of MG cannon? Didn't Platinum Games get the ability to "re-imagine" the universe and do whatever they want?

Lulz_Boat2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

the video show the moment when raiden was trasformed in a super soldier! (if you played MGS2 you know what i mean) when he was a CHILD!!
That's why solidus is alive.

and this doesn't prove that solid is in the game.

Mistake xD

Batzi2751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )


I know :P

Eamon2751d ago

I didn't know Raiden was given enhancements via injection. I do remember him mentioning how he was fed gunpowder in his food as a child.

And hearing Solidus' voice was epic. I wonder how much of Raiden's past we will see in this game.

Regent_of_the_Mask2751d ago

It doesn't matter what happened in MGS4 or any other Metal Gear game as Rising's story isn't canon so they can do any stupid thing they want as it will be ignored in the REAL Metal Gear games.

SovereignSnaKe2751d ago

-Ya know its one thing that they went ahead making this game, but since it has nothing to do with the main series, They need to leave our beloved cast members alone, and think up their own characters reputations to ruin.