15 Best Video Game Quotes

While gamers play through some of their favorite games they are likely to grow attached to protagonists and other character in an adventure to unlock all secrets involved with the story of a game. While playing through these dramatic scenes it is likely the player will hear characters converse with other character which creates the perfect opportunity for a quote. Over the years of gaming there have been some really great quotes. Here are the best video game quotes of all time, in no particular order! (Some of the content in this article is rate M- for mature...

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TheSuperior 2759d ago

LOL i love some of these quotes. Because im a saints row guy im going to have to say on this list Johnny Gat's quote is my favorite! Hes so cool he has so many quotes that could have made it. the other quotes are just classic! :D

Kalowest2759d ago

Yep #4 was the best, it should've been number 1.

TheSuperior 2759d ago

Lol that was like an OMG he did not just say that moment hahahaha

TheGrimBunny2759d ago

"You shall not pass!!!" (from a comedy movie anyone know it?)

TheSanchezDavid2759d ago

The Zelda and Mario ones are two of my favorites. Those Gorons are so enjoyable quirky!

TheSuperior 2759d ago

haha good choice :) the gorons have been my favorite zelda character of all time since i played the game. Those guys are too cool and haha Mario=Classic!

Cajun Chicken2759d ago

"Death to the salad eaters"

Kyosuke_Sanada2759d ago (Edited 2759d ago )

"What is a man, a miserable pile of secrets!"

Dracula needs to be on this list.......

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The story is too old to be commented.