Developer Leak: World of Warcraft for Consoles

Gameplayer is reporting that a developer has leaked in an interview that World of Warcraft is, after all, coming to consoles.

"To date, it (World of Warcraft) is an experience only enjoyed by PC gamers. Until now… A bigwig with connections to the highest levels of Vivendi management has seemingly confirmed that World of Warcraft is coming to consoles."

NOTE: Obviously this is still categorized as a rumor at this point.

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pwnsause5252d ago

OH NOES!!!!1, this is gonna be worse than HEROIN HERO!!!!!

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Omegasyde5252d ago

LMAO @name. Wow how did you get away with the N word in your name?

I am sure as I type this your account has been banned however.

redwingsrock5252d ago

AHAHAHAHAHA Thats the best thing I've heard today

Howler94435251d ago

Actually, I think that the quote was misread.

“…we have to make sure we support it. Because next-gen consoles demand it. We have to be online. Obviously it’s gonna get more and more like what WoW are doing, with thousands of players on consoles, eventually. Which is pretty exciting. I can’t wait for that. It’ll be pretty fun.”

Its clear to me that he is talking about supporting online play, and that they have to support online play, because games are going to be more like WoW in the console arena with regards to the sheer numbers of players in the same virtual world. So having a scalable and stable network infrastructure is critical to them as it should be to any dev that wants thousands of users playing the same game in the same space.

He's clearly excited about thousands of console users playing in an MMO style setting.

I am not saying that WoW will never come to the consoles. I just don't think thats what this guy was saying is all.

jvsantos5251d ago

Breaking an addiction with this game is worse than going without food or water for a full month.

No way I'm ever playing this again.

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mintaro5252d ago

holy sh*t, i know it's still speculation, but if this is true than the world will halt for days at a time. Millions of people will stop going to work, fires will start from overplaying, and due to all the firemen playin WoW, no one will be able to put them out.
It is at this time when the world will come to an end.......a horrible horrible end..........

cant wait to play :D

ROFLatYoFace5252d ago

Thats the effect LBP will have on PS3 owners

btkadams5252d ago

lol i doubt it... but if it actually happened...woah...
imagine ps3 and 360 and pc all on the same servers.. ahaha.

RecSpec5252d ago

Unless they drop the fee, PS3 people don't even want to pay for their online service (myself included) what makes you think they would pay for one game? Plus like heroin it would be best just to stay off this drug.

Percy5252d ago

I have played mmos on the playstation for a long time now and none have been free. Started with everquest online adventures moved to FFXI. There are still people that pay to play eqoa on the ps2 so i think that they will not have a problem finding people to play. Problem is the game is so old who is gonna want to just be getting started now. I would like it if they made new servers for the new players and did not allow transfers to them.

CaliGamer5252d ago

really good at all? Never played it so I don't know if this is something I should be looking forward to or not. The game is a bit old too right, I wonder if they will update the graphics at all.

Anyway, the quote sounded like the person made a comparison or example and they might have taken it out of context, I guess time will tell.

Omegasyde5252d ago

ITs very addicting. I had to give the game up so my wife wouldn't destroy my computer. The graphics suck however in comparison to todays standard but the game was great and alots of stuff to explore.

But the dungeons are way too long, and you have to roll for crap. Its especially frustarating when you need this last piece of armor to complete a set and a guild member claims seniority over you despite him playing with a class that is not even his main character.....

Sorry, but yea the game is fun.

Lumbo5252d ago

hmm, its hellish on PC with anything less than 1gig of RAM, and without a keyboard its not worth the bother, you need lotsa keys for macros and stuff to play competitive.

Omegasyde5252d ago

I agree this game has way too many macros and hotkeys to play with a controller. Then again you can plug in a keyboard and mouse to the ps3, and everquest is coming to the ps3 as well.

And then again FFXI:online was also successful on the ps2.

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The story is too old to be commented.