God of War: Ascension - First Take: Multiplayer Debut

Gametrailers: "Multiplayer in God of War?! We saw the demo in action! Find out what we think of God of War: Ascension's team-based multiplayer!"

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Afterlife2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

The pay must be crap over at GT.

On topic. I'm more interested in single player but I will still try it. I'm glad that they are saving the single player reveal for E3. That's something to look forward to with Battle Royale.

Cajun Chicken2363d ago

"We interviewed two college students with Windows Movie Maker being their only access to video editing software. These are the results."

Winter47th2363d ago

How the fuck did you end up with only one bubble Morgenfell.

Der_Kommandant2363d ago


Bubbles are always perceived to represent Trolls favorite food

Deputydon2363d ago

Those graphics are amazing and this is only the multiplayer. I cannot wait for E3.

redDevil872363d ago


Chitown712912363d ago

I read that Kratos will be in a titan prison in this game. Does that mean we will get coop? Like you and some friends can break out of jail? Not coop with the story , but maybe they can do the kind of coop thing Uncharted 3 did, little small stories unrelated to the main campaign . Idk just a thought lol

mafiahajeri2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

if this is a april's fools joke then screw these guys!

EDIT: Thanks for the vid morganfell! Its true YES!!!! Like I said on the other ea boss article, MP is the way of the future take that sp ONLY lovers!!!

Frankfurt2363d ago

Multiplayer is a turd hanging over single player games.

This will be as mediocre as Uncharted's multi.

Virus2012363d ago

Now you can mash square then O when prompted, with a friend!

Silly gameAr2363d ago (Edited 2363d ago )

Yep that's what they said in a youtube comment. Congrats on your cleverness Virus.


We all know you don't play PS3 games, so just stop.

Anyway, the mp looks sick. Can't wait to hear more about the other modes and the player customization.

neutralgamer192363d ago

im glad their adding mp because i know these devs will make it a good one and a nice addition to this franchise adding replay value. Im not against mp being added just look at Uncharted 2 and how good their mp was once it was added to the franchise. Not only was the mp awesome and fun, but the sp in Uncharted 2 did not suffer and it became one of the most highly acclaimed games ever receiving the most awards any game has ever received. Part of that magic was the addition of mp. Uncharted mp expereince is one of the best out there.

basilezz30302363d ago

i just don't know how they did they make DAT GFX on a 6 year old hardware
it even beat uncharted 3
and i thought that impossible this gen