God of War: Ascension Multiplayer Stream Footage

TheParanoidgamer: "Here's some footage from the live stream event for God of War: Ascension."

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Abash2364d ago

Yes! Great way to add more replay value and it looks very well thought out

LOGICWINS2364d ago

It'll probably look even better by the time it comes out.

neutralgamer192364d ago

Yes its all about replay value to me and trusting these devs who have never let me down (always been quality). I believe the mp will be a nice addition to this franchise and knowing Santa Monica will come out awesome. Look at how uncharted 2 came out (yes diff. devs but you get my point) it was the first try for mp in the series and did not take away one bit from that stellar sp, if anything the addition of mp with the great sp is what made this game the most highly acclaimed game ever racking in the most awards ever. Come on Santa Monica i believe in you.

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