Why God of War: Ascension's Multiplayer Makes Sense's Ron Hoffecker tries to explain why multiplayer is a great addition to the God of War franchise. With Ascension, you'll be able to viscerally battle for your chosen god's approval as a customized avatar. What other multiplayer game can say that?

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Ares84HU2752d ago

No it doesn't.

This will cost the single player campaign and this is yet another example of a forced on MP.

This game didn't need MP mode what so ever.

Just like Uncharted and Ninja Gaiden.

LOGICWINS2752d ago

Funny, I'm actually planning on pre-ordering this because of what seems to be the implementation of an innovative MP.

F7U122751d ago (Edited 2751d ago )

just finish placing my pre-order...can't wait!

waltyftm2752d ago

There is absolutely NO WAY this will hurt the single player campaign, multiplayer is just a bonus.

clank5432752d ago

Look, I loved God of War 3, but it was still hard to swallow 65 bucks for an 8 hour game. This makes it much easier, and if you watch the video, it actually looks kind of promising. If you think Sony Santa Monica is really going to sacrifice the single player for this, though, you need to have more trust in them. Have they really made a bad game in the last few years?

LOGICWINS2751d ago

Agreed. GOW3 was a nice experience, but not worth 65 bucks given the rushed story, uneven visuals, and short campaign compared to GOW2. Ascension looks like it will fix all these issues...which is why I will preorder.

Nitrowolf22752d ago

Uncharted Single player wasn't compromised because of MP BTW.
Ninja Gaiden failed because of new Directors and staffs. Hell the SP is what really killed, not the MP.

I have full faith in a team that's been doing SP for a very long time now. They have even said it themselves that it's their bread and butter

C_Menz2751d ago

Actually I think a GoW MP would be pretty fun if done right. I don't think they should devote to much to it, but a simple well done MP somewhat like ME3's would be nice.

StrongMan2751d ago

And just how did the multi player in Uncharted 2 affect the single player campaign in Uncharted 2?

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Canthar2752d ago

Just no. So tired of MP, MP, MP....Having SP focused games are not a bad thing. There are tons of MP games as is.

DivineHand1252751d ago

You know the reason they are adding multiplayer is because they want more sales. Most of the time when people go into a game store and can only purchase one new game with their budget, they would most likely choose the one that they can get the most out of. Those games are usually the ones that have multiplayer or a really long campaign. I too am guilty of doing this.

Aside from that the multiplayer announced for this game sounds interesting and well thought out. Can't wait to see more.

Canthar2750d ago

I understand the approach. Just for me personally MP does not add any longevity to most games. It gets just as repetitive and going through the SP over and over. Most of the time I would rather see one focus or another.

Convas2752d ago (Edited 2752d ago )

Anything can be rationalized, anything can make "sense" after you begin to warp it about in your mind.

I don't see why God of War needs multiplayer.

Co-Op? I could understand. If what we saw was 4 players working together to take down increasingly hard enemies together, then I'd be overjoyed, and perhaps that's still to come, if so I will enjoy it.

But competitive deathmatch? NO thanks. Not every game needs multiplayer, and God of War has sold well enough not to need it.

sjaakiejj2752d ago

It's not Deathmatch though, and I don't understand why a game has to "need" multiplayer in order to have it. If the Multiplayer is good, who cares if it was needed or not? It won't change your single player experience, as that's done by other people.

JetP06192752d ago

I dont see why a multiplayer would not work even on a game like God of war if it was done right. See Ninja Gaiden was messed up and looked like it was a rushed game. Plus i believe that it wasnt thought out thoroughly. First party studios always do their best when it comes to multiplayer and plus they have their reputation on the line. Uncharted came from being a single player to a multiplayer which increased the fun factor and replayability of the game. Looking at the gameplay video that Todd Pappi was talking about, it does really look amazing and unique plus it wasnt cramped unlike in ninja gaiden where basically theres no order and the camera was definitely horrible, but this looks amazing. Commenting on this, have you even seen the gameplay for multiplayer? most likely not. Would you prefer games to come out every damn year like cod without proper innovation then? Come on, open your god damn eyes. I see people complain about god of war, how its the same title with just different story and weapons and now that it's trying to do something a whole lot different that could potentially be really great game that a lot would enjoy, you're yapping and yapping about blah blah blah.

sjaakiejj2752d ago

I was sceptical when I was watching the live stream, but watching the footage and understanding how the mode works, I think it may actually be good. We'll see how this develops, but it feels a lot less tagged-on than Mass Effect's multiplayer (not saying I didn't enjoy playing it though, it just felt like a different game).

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