Will World War II ever end?

Roughly 30 years after the first shot was fired, it seems nothing — not the billions of lives lost, not the trillions of dollars spent, not even the repeated assassination of the dreaded Mecha-Hitler — will bring about the end of World War II. Citizens the world over have begun to wonder if the brutal, destructive conflict will ever end, and why it hasn’t already.

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NYC_Gamer2415d ago

I'm tired of WW2 games period...the story has been told within gaming/so many different approaches already...

hellosnoopy2415d ago

Haha, I know. That's exactly what I thought when I read this. But yet, every game seems to end up back there!

shackdaddy2415d ago

There hasnt been a big WWII game in so long. Right now, I much rather them make another WWII shooter rather than another modern shooter. I'm so incredibly sick of modern shooters...

hellosnoopy2415d ago

Call of Duty
Call of Duty 2
Call of Duty World at War
Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30
Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault
Medal of Honor: Airborne
Battlefield 1942
Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45
Battlefield: 1943
Day of Defeat: Source
Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway

And these are just first person ones!!

SuicidalTendencies2415d ago

You forgot Brother in Arms: Earned in Blood. Besides, a lot of those games are really good. I don't know what point you're trying to make.

Ares84HU2415d ago

Actually, Brothers in Arms is TPS and MoH:AA is 10 years old.

The only "recent" ones are Brothers in Arms HH and CoD [email protected]

It would be nice if they made a new WW2 game. I'm picking up Sniper Elite 2 tomorrow and that's the only one that's WW2 that was released in the last few years after [email protected]

If anything....modern day shooters saturate the market.

ronin4life2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

Didn't red orchestra 2 just come out a couple of months ago?
And yes, I agree that modern shooters saturate the market.

Emilio_Estevez2415d ago

I love anything to do with WWII, it was such a fascinating time and chain of events. I can see how others are getting tired of it though. I guess some people prolly aren't too fond of post-apocalyptic wastelands either? Those are getting kind of old for me.

NYC_Gamer2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

I'm tired of them since played so many WW2 games from RTS to 3rd and 1st person shooters...

Forgot to mention that i'm also tired of all of the stupid run and gun modem shooters too....

that's true some love the whole setting/story of WW2

Emilio_Estevez2415d ago

That's just my taste, Band of Brothers is one of the best shows ever made and I could go on and on about the movies based around WWII. Combining WWII and games makes it an almost instant buy for me.

hellosnoopy2415d ago

I think Command & Conquer Red Alert was the best WW2 war game of all time, although technically it took place in another time line, but I think it still counts! I just loved the intro music, anyone remember?

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The story is too old to be commented.