Proven Gamer: Prototype 2 Review

Prototype, Radical Entertainment’s open-world game was pitted against InFAMOUS when it was originally released. Both are very similar games. Despite the fact that InFAMOUS was generally declared the better of two games, Radical was given another chance and the result of this is Prototype 2.

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AmigoSniped2756d ago

I have really enjoyed playing Prototype 2 and the ending is worth playing it for any person who is remotely interested in the game.

TheSuperior 2756d ago

Ive never played any prototype game but i am really thinking about it after hearing how many people enjoy them :)

AmigoSniped2756d ago

I would highly suggest it especially since the next big release is a few weeks away.

TheSuperior 2756d ago

Ill have to get on that, ive been hearing so much good and i havent played somthing i just fell in love with for a long while so im thinking this might just be what i need haha

Gigawatt252756d ago

This game is an epic power-fantasy. By the time you reach the Red Zone, you'll feel like a certified badass.