The 8 worst video game endings that are actually kind of awesome

GameZone breaks down some video games' so bad they're awesome endings

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blinkingfast2757d ago

i like some of those .. but i like drama filled unexpected endings.

SuicidalTendencies2757d ago

I didn't have a problem with Batman: AA or Borderlands endings. I didn't think it was out of character for the Joker to hulk up and try to take down the bat. The guy is unpredictable so why wouldn't he? As for Borderland, I just thought the ending was fitting. You're greed makes you look for the vault, and instead of riches you meet the greed monster.

NukaCola2757d ago

I think the only issue was the end result. It just stopped. All those you killed. All that you have done was 'for nothing'. ( I mean you played the game so in reality it was an enjoyable experience ) but in the story. But now how you mention it, it really makes sense. I didn't hate the ending by any means. I played the game until I Platinumed it and when it was over I kind of did one of those...."Oh the suns out" moments and just quietly walked outside. The game was consuming and memorable. I kind of felt like Jumanji. Once it was over I had the memories but felt good to by done.

I can't wait for Borderlands 2!

SamPao2757d ago

enslaved.. so bad xD like they did not have enough time for it and just put him in as reallife footage... :P

SuperStrokey11232757d ago

I always hoped that there would be a sequel to enslaved... such a good game.

Christopher2757d ago

I honestly disagree (in comment, not button pushing).

My reasons:

- Poor characters with forced relationships that just don't make much sense even with all the context provided

- Poor storytelling

- Average, at best, gameplay mechanics (don't get me started on him whipping out a new water hoverboard from out of nowhere almost halfway through the game -- because it would have been too difficult for him to have found it, no, he had it the whole time crammed up his skirt)

- Crap ending from out of nowhere that relies 100% on the audience's understanding and not the characters'

NeoTribe2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Thank you. Don't get why other people don't understand how bad of a game that was. Combat was horribly boring and repetative. Story was cheesy and predictable. I hated playing as some half ape cave man with a crown on his head. Then the rediculously random plasma boogy board that he just so happened to have. Its like the creators couldn't even come up with a reason for its existance. Then your only able to use it like 3x the whole game. Finally there's just nothing fun about going from area to area beating up metal robots with a wooden staff that seconds as a over the shoulder plasma ball launcher..... yeah plasma ball launching wooden stick... really fun guys. Glad that game bombed so ill never have to see another enslaved. Sad part is they used and killed a awesome name for a game that actually could have been good.

monkey6022757d ago

I LOVED Borderlands but the ending boss was so uninspired that I couldnt help but be dissapointed until the DLC started to pour out.

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