The Witcher 2 Xbox360 is one of the best looking games on consoles and here's the proof

CD Projekt's mature RPG The Witcher 2 is one of the best RPGs to ever grace this generation of consoles. It's also one of the most stunning looking games to be released on any platform.

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hardcore19122364d ago

WOWO the game looks stunning. Definitely one of the best looking games of this gen.

TCG_Returns2364d ago

Oh look, long time biased, BS fanboy site, stirring up the flames.With a member of the site posting first comment as well.Classy as always, guys.

Amazingmrbrock2364d ago

is it just me or do those look like screen shots from silent hill? Very foggy, is the draw distance and fog that close in the pc version?

ninjahunter2364d ago

---I believe the fog is just related to the atmosphere of that area, and not graphical restrictions, i dont see any fog in any locations i remember from my playthrough on PC. And the Draw distance wasnt terribly good on PC, but it was right around the range where you wont notice pop ins most of the time.
---In Comparison, no one who played this game on PC, even at medium would regret getting it on PC instead of Xbox from a graphics standpoint.

Mkai282364d ago

Alan wake looks better than this

GamingPerson2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

alan wake is so damn blurry on 360. It's like playing in SD.

IQUITN4G2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

the game isn't blurry like that on xbox as that video shows it to be. There can be various reasons why that looks like it does but it's very crisp when i've seen it running

units2364d ago

obvious troll is obvious

mr_badhand2364d ago

When will someone post:

"Uncharted 3 says hi."?

TCG_Returns2364d ago

Shouldn't have to post it, it goes without saying.

mr_badhand2364d ago

Only thing it says is how overrated graphics are.

TCG_Returns2364d ago

53 awards.I wonder who is the naive one here, the entire videogames industry, or you?

DasTier2364d ago

I preordered this for 360, and after about 5 hours of playing it all I can say is,


xPhearR3dx2364d ago

Go play Dragon Age 2 then. That might fancy your casual play style.

Also, these images are shit quality. Don't give "proof" then provide low res screens. I do agree it's one of the best looking games though.

DasTier2364d ago

I agree the witchEr 2 did look amazing though. I never picked up Dragon age, I had the 1st 2 mass effects but fell out with the 2nd one. I've played the hell out of the Elder Scrolls series, still looking for a game that plays like those. I should have investigated Witcher2 before buying it as I assumed it would more open work than it was.

Kalowest2364d ago

I sorry to hear that. Try TW1 the worlds ALOT bigger, more enemies, and great story.

Drake1172364d ago

ewww i hope your not talking about two worlds. Trust me, don't buy two worlds...ever. I accidentally bought that instead of the first bioshock when they both came out...worst gaming decision i have ever made.

european_cannon2364d ago

The Pc version of Witcher 2 IS the best looking game this entire generation (consoles included). The 360 version looks great but not quite on par with the PC version but can still hold its own against Gears 3.

Oh, and the game is fu*king awesome too!

GamingPerson2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

This would be the first true dx11 game. It's called "P.L.A" This would be the best looking game this gen imo.

FragMnTagM2364d ago

That looked great except for the video quality being shit.

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