Angry Birds Space hits 50M downloads in 35 days

Rovio just keeps on churning out the Angry Birds Space downloads.

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davidfca2955d ago

I work out about three times a week at a rock-climbing gym. One of the common accessories for indoor climbing is a chalk bag, a little fabric thing that contains a ball of chalk, you stick your hands in there and rub them around to zap the moisture off your fingers and palms so you get a better grip.

The other day I saw a kid climbing there with an Angry Birds chalk bag. This is how far the phenomenon has gone - Angry Birds merchandise now encompasses, among many other things, Angry Birds-branded specialty rock-climbing gear.

Faelan2955d ago

I'm gonna laugh the day I come across an Angry Birds frozen chicken in the local supermarket.

deantak2955d ago

How about green pig sausage?

davidfca2955d ago

How long until McDonald's gets in on it with Angry McNuggets?

NukaCola2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

"Merchandising!" - Yogurt, Master of the Schwartz

My wife's friend threw her son an Angry Birds birthday party, with events to include sling shooting birds in can with the pigs on it. Had decorations, cake, toys and more. All Angry Birds. It's taken the world by storm.

ATi_Elite2955d ago

just ordered my Angry Birds Underoos!

hadouken0072955d ago

With that amount of sales,them bird's ain't angry.

Hicken2955d ago

As a core gamer, I feel I'm obliged to say "Who cares?"

Angry Birds is an easily accessible and cheap title meant to waste a little time here or there, and it's available on outrageously common devices: PCs and mobile devices. It's almost like reporting on the number of computers with Notepad.

LAWSON722954d ago

Cheap, hell on android it is free