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"Some of the choices were a given and others a bit more inspired but the real question turning to gamers minds now is who else? Sony promises character reveals leading up to the games release and there is no reason to think that we aren’t still due some Sony mainstays as well as the occasional ‘out of left field’ fighter, after all Sony has promised not just 1st party mascots but also combatants from games with a rich Playstation history. So I believe it’s time to speculate on just who else we can expect to see stepping into the ring come this Holiday season." Frank Soldato, Senior Editor

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NovaXz2755d ago

I definitely want to see Cloud, Dante and Naked Snake. Those would be awesome, among many others

WesMcLaren2754d ago

Random thought: Sackboy could be a total Kirby clone if they wanted him to be. Dressing up as other characters to gain their attacks could be interesting.