God of War: Ascension Preview: Introducing the Gods of War - Eurogamer Preview


It's a brilliantly executed reveal. The first live demo to the press, I mean. Not the one that happened the previous week when, faced with more holes in its hull than it had PR fingers to poke in them, Sony gave up trying and rush-announced God of War: Ascension to stem the swelling tide of tittle-tattle.

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Sevir2756d ago

I can only imagine what the single player portion looks like! That's incredible that they seemingly pulled off multiplayer in what looks to be a team deathmatch coop combo. Once again Sony showing off the power of the PS3... GOW3's intro was Perfection if only for the 20 minutes it took to clear that sequence with Posiedon lasted. :-) if they can top GOW3's splendor and grandiose I'll be shocked!

neutralgamer192756d ago

omg!!!!!! this is going to be awesome!!!!!!! I guess ill be replaying GOW3 again soon to get back into my savage mode lol But seriously the mp pick looks sick and im not against the prequel stance of it. Mp well done in a game is always welcomed just look how Uncharted 2 turned out adding an mp (arguable one of the best games ever!!!!).