God of War: Ascension Promises Multiplayer, Extreme Eye Violence - 1Up Preview


Luis Buñuel and Salvadore Dali's 1929 experimental short Un Chien Andalou contains one of the most iconic and provocative scenes in film history -- even if this title sounds unfamiliar, you've undoubtedly witnessed the scene in question at some point in your life. Within the first few minutes of this film, we see an anonymous man sharpening a straight razor on a strop, testing its effectiveness on his thumb, and taking a few errant puffs of a cigarette. He glances up at the moon, and then, without warning, the scene cuts to a close-up of a very nonplussed woman who proceeds to have her eye sliced by Chekhov's razor. After a clever shot of a thin cloud drifting past the moon, we again cut to the eye, which proceeds to leak and goo, as an eye would in such a situation.

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2756d ago
Dannycr2756d ago

PLEAAAAAAAAAASE! no multiplayer!!!, God Of War is a single player experience only. Do not waste good developing time in MP. I just want a great SP experience, and hopefully a lenghty one as well.

CernaML2756d ago

You're kinda late with that request...

callahan092756d ago

What the hell was that BS preview? The whole time all he does is complain that God of War is violent. What a load of crap. Why is he even there?

Cryptcuzz2756d ago

Is this person even an adult? The whole time I read the preview, it's as if it was written by a little kid with high vocabularies! Spent the whole preview; hundreds of words, only to talk about how grossed out he was at the violence portrayed in the demonstration and comparing it to a scene from a movie. Is this supposed to be a preview of a game, or a contest to who can write the most sissiest article with the highest vocabularies? Geez, the author needs to grow some freaken balls, it's only a video game.

Sorry for the rant, I feel the same way you do, but in an angry way I guess :)

pecorre2756d ago

Dumbest idea since Dead Space 2 multiplayer.

Wasting development time for a multiplayer mode that no one will be playing one month after release.

There is nothing wrong with SP only. You won't get more sale because of a tacked on multiplayer.