God of War: Ascension - Director Interview


God of War: Ascension director Todd Papy explains the game's multiplayer mode and the decisions behind it.

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LOGICWINS2759d ago

Todd Papy is the Golden Child right now. He just called out this single biggest problem with GOW...lack of replay value. Now I'm excited! We have a GOW Game Director that sees things my way :)

Wintersun6162759d ago

I've completed all 3 main GoW games at least 10 times each just for the pure enjoyment I got from them. Too bad if you can't enjoy them like I do.

LOGICWINS2759d ago

^^I'm very happy you. I've never played through a GOW game more than twice. But with Ascension, I see myself playing through it at least ten times. The director says that your going to have to do some grinding in the SP in order to earn things in the MP.

Omar912759d ago

so multiplayer confirmed?

pr0digyZA2759d ago

Of course. "Todd Papy explains the game's multiplayer mode"

LOGICWINS2759d ago

"Strangely, much of the chatter during the post-demo Q&A session made it clear that God of War: Ascension is a long way from being completed. The team still hasn't settled on the total number of multiplayer modes the game will have, though Papy noted that they're focusing on "quality, not quantity."

2013 confirmed. There probably done with the SP, but they want that same quality in the MP. Perfectly understandable.

MrDead2759d ago

Santa Monica is well practiced with the single player campaign and will probably just tweak and add a few extras. Releasing the unknown ground of multiplayer early is just good sense on their part as feedback from the fans is essential to make it work with the franchise.

asmith23062759d ago

As a big GOW fan, I am not convinced about this. Co-op would be nice but competitive multiplayer?.... I dunno.

CGI-Quality2759d ago

I had the same concerns earlier, but I prefer to give the team a chance. Things have to evolve over time, and while I disagree that God of War "had no replay value" before God of War: Ascension, this should add to an already solid franchise!

Rhezin2759d ago

no competitive multiplayer is a huge mistake. Co-op would be alright but this? concept I guess is cool where you pick a god's powers and all but it doesn't fit the series at all. They better not f!ck up the story