POWERon – GOW: The Third Wheel [COMIC]

PSLS’ ultra-sexy, ultra-new webcomic, POWERon, is back, this time taking a look at the breaking news that GOW will have multiplayer. What does that mean for the franchise? Read on! - PSLS

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doctorstrange2758d ago

Excited to at least try out the multiplayer

Sev2758d ago

I can see why everyone is skeptic. But it sure does look good. As long as they have a bevy of modes, it should be great.

doctorstrange2758d ago

Yeah, there are too many multiplayer failures out there

Foolsjoker2758d ago

Yeah, I think it will be interesting in concept, but will die a quick death. Games that obviously are not designed for high level competition have very short legs.

cervantes2402758d ago

The MP seems interesting. I wonder how exactly the giant boss element is going to work.

Foolsjoker2758d ago

Could use a shadow of the colossus style combat but with multiple people...that would be cool.

stormeagle62758d ago

That just seems like it'd be a little too slow for a GoW game.

doctorstrange2758d ago

Yeah, this has to be fast paced and brutal

Foolsjoker2758d ago

He could climb really

dbjj120882758d ago

I need to see it in motion.

LostTokens2758d ago

I think he meant the multiplayer. Especially from the last panel.

"Look to Kratos. Now back to me. Now to the girl. Now back to Kratos. Now to the bed. Look, I'm killing a god."

Oaklnd2758d ago

ok ok im kinda seeing what they are getting at

smashcrashbash2758d ago

Well that comic would make sense if they didn't already say that you could make custom warriors and they won't be all Kratos.

T3mpr1x2758d ago

I think this was showing what the brainstorming process might have been like.

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