God of War: Ascension multiplayer- Surprise Four on four competitive God of War battles

The beginning of the God of War: Ascension gameplay we saw last week was a joke – literally. A trick. It began with a Kratos-looking soldier in the typical God of War opening pose, staring at the player, full of rage. When the camera pulled back he was decidedly not Kratos, at least not how we've ever seen him before. He put on a helmet, turned around, and began battling a Cyclops. A few seconds later another soldier, donning the same armor and red body paint, joined the battle, hacking and slashing apart the raging beast.

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Nitrowolf22757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Those graphics 0_0
they look insane on the cyclops

redDevil872757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Dude, i was looking forward to the game, but i wasn't hyped.

But now, i must see more...must see more... the hype is coming...

Septic2757d ago

Same here.

That looks impressive and it's only the MP portion of the game! This looks like great fun and MP is definitely going to add to the longevity of the game.

Can't wait :D

WillGuitarGuy2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Need moar...moar! ...MOAR!
I'm actually surprised on how well the multiplayer looks and works, even though we haven't had a go at it ourselves just yet.

lastdual2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I'm definitely intrigued, but now I have a ton of questions (about game types, customization, will the camera angles stay fixed?...). It will be interesting to see if this is able to gain traction.

And while this raises my hype somewhat, I'll still be 1000% more excited when I see some single player footage.

I'm really hoping they make the solo game not just "bigger and more brutal", but actually add some new elements gameplay-wise. Maybe take a cue from Darksiders and incorporate open-world hubs and a nonlinear progression of levels, etc.

gaffyh2757d ago

I hope they have a co-op horde mode type-of-thing as well. But it looks pretty interesting for objective based multiplayer, kinda hopefully they have multiple objectives like Killzone 3 multiplayer.

sikbeta2757d ago

Damn! Just when I though SSM reached the peak with GOWIII, Ascension goes to a whole new level of Awesome! O_O

mafiahajeri2757d ago

Sony is bringing the big guns havent seen this from them this gen. Cant wait for e3!!!!

I always wanted MP in GOW and this exceeds my expectations looks amazing!!!

MaxXAttaxX2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

....that looks amazing!!!

Sony Santa Monica just....

Can't wait to see how the Single-player looks!!!

Spydiggity2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

the MP looks exactly how you'd expect it to look. what else could they really do?

hate to be the only person grounded in reality here, but this is not the type of game that will have mass MP player appeal. in fact, i'll go as far as to predict that less than 1k ppl will play this per day within the first two weeks of launch.

not that i'm saying it looks bad...just something ppl won't actually play. the sony-supporters are notorious for building up massive hype that the game can never live up to. and you're all doin it again. can't you just say "looks good, looking forward to it?" do you really have to say "best game ever!" "omg, game looks amazing even in MP! (which is based on a single average-rez video - and lets not forget that most MP games have a lot going on in them which is why they have to scale back the graphics...this game does not)"

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Crazyglues2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Yeah those graphics are amazing, and that's multi-player.. -So if multi-player looks that good what's single player going to look like... Wow Can't wait..

I mean normally you have to tone down multi-player graphics in-order to work it - Naughty Dog talked about this and so did Call of Duty -Treyarch- Black -Ops the first one, when they explained why the single player looked so good but was toned down for multi-player...

-(as they explained it's just something you have to do because so much is going on at the same time..)

So I'm pumped because God Of War III Looked insane at times... So this is going to be an Amazing title.

-And who said they couldn't do a multi-player this is looking Amazing.


Nitrowolf22757d ago

almost all games Multiplayer is dumbed down in terms of graphics.
Single Player, though I don't expect a huge leap, will look better.

torchic2757d ago

"at times"

God of War III is one of those console games where the graphics just blow you away, from start to finish.

Muerte24942757d ago

have said it better myself Torchic.

Crazyglues2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

@ torchic

yeah I agree with you, I just meant that by -at times- it exceeds even amazing..

I can think of two scenes right off the top of my head, the one where Kratos confronts his brother right before they fight.. OMG!! I remeber playing and saying wow, how is it looking this good.. -

and when the Gods are Getting ready to jump down and attack kratos, I remember watching that scene thinking if that's in-game engine graphics then OMG!! (because they said they used the in-game engine for all cut-scents) how is this even possible because that just looks so good.. -fast forward to about 5:12 -


F7U122757d ago Show
Awesome_Gamer2757d ago

I really hope this game is not focused on multiplayer..

GamingPerson2757d ago

imo the cyclops looked awsome everything else is not mind blowing.

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2757d ago
mt2757d ago

ahhh santa monica so did what I was thinking exactly...

here is my old comment I talked about the 4 gods, and fighting a titan ( almost right) he is giant as titans

dale_denton2757d ago ShowReplies(3)
basilezz30302757d ago

OMG!! and this is only the MP
the SP will have better GFX ofcourse

showtimefolks2757d ago

this is great there is still a lot of time for adjustments and polish so expect to see a lot more at E3 than SM will go quite till about 2 months before launching

ritsuka6662757d ago

this looks...ok but a game like GOW doesn't need Multiplayer I think this sorta cash on the Game to appeal to a broader audience for sell more..

Nimblest-Assassin2757d ago

looks like santa monica is going head on against naughty dog for best ps3 graphics...

if this is mp... imagine sp 0_0

I understand why people are worried, but they said that if they were not confident they could do it, they wouldn't

StraightPath2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

looks interesting at most, nothing to get overjoyed and hyped about it yet. Small gameplay footage and fanboys just act like they seen somthing that literally blown them away and has never been done before and they act in disbelief and in amazement.

One of my favourite exclusive games on the PS3 was GOW3 btw. Just incase they call me a "Xbox Fanboy" for a odd reason.

But looking forward to seeing more of this new GOW game. This will greatly increase the longivity as after getting the platinum trophy on GOW3 never played it again.

Veneno2757d ago

Are you dumb? there was actually something in that footage that's never been done before. It's called multiplayer in God of War. That's something to get excited about.And the graphics were amazing.

who stole your Midol this morning?

TruthSeeker2757d ago

That was brutal! His jaw split! Love GOW!

MrMister2757d ago Show
princejb1342757d ago

I've noticed in the end you might have to complete puzzles together
i really hope no 12 year old buys this game it might get frustrating

nemrawy2757d ago

When the cyclops eyes was popping out ... my eyes were popping out from the Awesomeness !!!!!!!! :)

50Terabytespersec2757d ago

INSANE the level of detail the quality it looks like an Epic CGI movie come to life I can't wait !! my fingers are itching and so is my PS3!

VINNIEPAZ2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I'm not to keen on the multiplayer aspect (unless a horde mode is involved

But DAMN the graphics on the cyclops are CRAZY. It takes quite a bit for me to say that, and I'm truly blown away by how good it looks. I pray the rest of the game looks that good.

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NYC_Gamer2757d ago

Soon there won't be any single player only games left

hulk_bash19872757d ago

true, but I think thats just the world we live in. It seems like you can't pick up a game these days without it having some kind of online functionality. And to be honest I dont see anything wrong with it as long as it doesn't affect what makes the experience fun.

Muerte24942757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

extending the longevity of the game rather than have it end up at some Gamestop under used games. Also what most people look for especially if you're asking them to fork up $65. All developers want to do it but it also take alot of creativity. Not all developers are willing to step up to the plate in this department. You ultimately want your game to remain as long as it can in someone's library.

Nakiro2757d ago

If the single player portion is god, it really make no difference if MP is included.
If people weren't renting so much and buying used they wouldn't have to resort to MP.

Kaos_Vll2757d ago

I disagree. I don't care how good a game is you can only play it so many times before you've explored EVERY aspect of the single player portion.

At that point the game becomes a paper weight that you MIGHT play again many many moons later.

There are still gamers playing GTA4's MP to this day as well as RDR. Few people continue to play the same game years later strickly for it's campaign, imo.

ABizzel12757d ago

I disagree as well. God of War 3 is in my top5 games of this generation. But after beating the single player twice and challenge of Olympus there's really no need to go back and play it besides showing it off to others, or the rare feat of being in the mood to revisit a certain section.

Multiplayer isn't for everyone, but it does give a game longevity.

Call of Duty is a perfect example. You have a 6 - 8 hour campaign, but people spend 1 - 2 years playing the same game, because of the multiplayer.

Multiplayer keeps fans satisfied longer until the next installment of the franchise comes out.

I love my single player, but a good multiplayer, especially co-op is every bit as enjoyable as single player.

MrMister2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

So? What the hell does the multiplayer have to do with the single player? Stop acting like some old geezer. Games are moving forward, WHILE still retaining some old staples (like single player).

I have over 60 friends on psn, and all of the one's that never play the MP portions of their games tend to suck at them HORRIBLY (I mean, I see them in the leaderboards, and they have horrible KDR's--as bad as an average of 0.35 for every Multiplayer game they have in common with me). So most people who cry about MP hate it because they suck at it.

On a side note though, I dont care if EVERY game came with multiplayer (it extends replay value FOREVER), however--I cant quite see why they thought God of War fans would particularly care for mp. But hey, It doesnt hurt the SP, so why cry about it?

Christopher2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

***What the hell does the multiplayer have to do with the single player?***

Overall, but not in every case, games with both single and multiplayer portions tend to focus more on the multiplayer than the singleplayer and tend to have much shorter single player experiences with less replayability because the multiplayer _is_ the replayability. This is especially true in games that don't have extensive RPG leveling system or multiple classes of varying type. Now, GoW already is a game that typically doesn't do post-release DLC, it's a focus on a specific story and that's it. Now, multiplayer could be a way of extending that, but if the singleplayer game ends up being 4-6 hours in length and a lot of DLC comes down for the multiplayer, you can bet the singleplayer community is going to see this as a moved focus from a better and longer singleplayer experience.

****I have over 60 friends on psn, and all of the one's that never play the MP portions of their games tend to suck at them HORRIBLY (I mean, I see them in the leaderboards, and they have horrible KDR's--as bad as an average of 0.35 for every Multiplayer game they have in common with me). So most people who cry about MP hate it because they suck at it. ****

First, how can they have never played MP portions and be on the leaderboards?

Second, you do know they may suck because they don't play often enough to get good at them, right? Telling them they suck at MP is one of the key reasons people don't want to play MP, among other crap heard while playing MP. Because of judgement people like you who think that everyone has to be good at something rather than making the game itself enjoyable. I am in this group. I just don't like MP or what it brings out in people. Everyone plays their own way, not as a group, and when you try to get things organized by joining in over VoIP, it's crap that makes my ears want to permanently close out the whole world.

Third, yeah, some people do suck at multiplayer games in general. Does that somehow make their opinion of it worthless? No. It doesn't. That's like saying everyone should play chess, even though people don't like it or are bad at it. It's a ridiculous comment. Do we criticize people because they also don't waste the time to get platinum on all their games as well? Should we smash their consoles and tell them to never game again? I'm sure that would be the bestest way ever increase the gaming community who want to play hardcore games!

papashango2757d ago

Multiplayer = short single player + massive singleplayer DLC

You console guys are really shooting yourselves in the foot with the multiplayer must be in every game mindset.

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1nsomniac2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

I think it's definitely lost some of its sparkle over GOW3 especially since it's such a small arena. Im guessing because it's such early days though.

hulk_bash19872757d ago

Not completely sold on multiplayer but I wont damn it just yet. Ill wait till they show off more of it later on down the line. As long as they don't short change what I love about God of War.....the amazingly epic single player campaign.