God of War Ascension First Look Gameplay Preview with Game Director Todd Papy

Sony took the wraps of its much rumored next installment of its best selling God of War franchise with God of War Ascension. This time around, the game will be a prequel to the previous games and introduces multiplayer for the first time. We caught up with the Game Director of God of War Ascension, Todd Papy to get the juicy details in this exclusive video interview along with first look at real gameplay footage and screenshots.

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MrDead4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

By the Greek Goddess Selene in a Chariot with Dual Overhead Cams and "Silver Foxx" Mudflaps, Looks as gory and brutal as ever, I can't wait.

just posted this vid in my last comment.

waltyftm4045d ago

Well said, look's amazing!!!

Hisiru4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Well... the game sure looks beautiful but I wasn't expecting a multiplayer game... I know there will be a single player portion but this game seems to be more about multiplayer which makes me sad.

I will wait for more trailers/gameplay videos and if it's more "multiplayer oriented" I will probably just wait for God of War IV or God of War Vita.

The cyclop's details are insane. This game will probably be one of the best looking games this gen, but I don't buy the God of War series because of the graphics, I buy it because of the storyline and the character.

I hope they will give us a powerful online experience, but they need to focus on the storyline as well. Don't get me wrong, guys, I am just scared because this guy is only talking about how they are implementing multiplayer to the series and how they are focusing on multiplayer...

himdeel4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

This to me looks more along the lines of a coop I'm happy to see added to my GOW experience. Particularly as someone who bemoaned mp in Uncharted 2 and Mass Effect 3 but came to truly enjoy both of those multiplayer experiences so I'm very VERY excited about GOW:A mp.

I think this is a natural progression for the traditional single players story driven games to add this type of leveling up cooperative game play. Heck every time I boot up Mass Effect 3 I think to myself, I wonder what gun or upgrade I'm getting today, since I have all the characters. I could see this the same way where I have multiple Heroes aligned with a variety of Gods and grinding for more powerful character upgrades and weapons power ups for each character.

EDIT: I like no 3D in MP. I think 3D in MP in Uncharted 3 made the game less pretty in the long run.

meetajhu4045d ago

Mark my words when they release demo on PSN. Sony servers will crash

Man_Among_Mice4045d ago

No your wrong, PS Plus subscriptions will go through the roof cuz they'll give PS Plus members first dibs. Mark my words.

Awesome_Gamer4045d ago

I really hope this game isn't focused on multiplayer..

GraveLord4045d ago

It's not. Single-Player is still the main focus. Multiplayer is just there to bring in a new audience and keep people playing longer.

crimsonfox4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

that looks outta hand. i don't know how many more games i could afford man...jeez
that cyclops really gets it ;)

Mkai284045d ago

Looks like it might be more then 8 players aswell, via power stone/mortal combat.

Zha1tan4045d ago

Wonder what the backstory is behind the multiplayer characters

FunAndGun4045d ago

I think they are just random warriors who swear alliance to certain gods. You choose what god you want to represent, you get those type of powers/move sets, you join three companions and battle 4 fighters of an opposing god.

The winners get shined upon while the losers get shamed by their gods. :)

The ultimate battle between mortals for the glory of their God.

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