Wishful Thinking: Who Are the Usual Suspects of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale?

Playstation Lifestyle picks the unrevealed characters most likely to make an appearance in Sony's All-Star fighter.

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PopRocks3592365d ago

So how many fanboys intend to take the headline out of context? Any takers? Anyone?

Jirachi2365d ago

Weither you admit it or not but the main draw of a shop for games is the quality of the games sure they have done things the make the eshop look better but they aren't many good games sure it's better then wii shop was but it would have to be pretty damn terrible not to be better then that.

Wintersun6162364d ago

And this is relevant to the topic at hand, how?

A few characters I want to be in the game: Vivi Ornitier, Spyro, Croc, Crash, Captain Qwark, Big Boss, Gray Fox (ninja), someone from FF12 (Balthier or Fran preferrably) and many many more.

Jirachi2364d ago

Sorry about that i thought i was replaying to a different post if i could delete this i would.

Wintersun6162364d ago

I read Instigaror's comment (#5), seems like it's not your fault.

cpayne932364d ago

What the hell does that have to do with anything???

Skateboard2364d ago (Edited 2364d ago )

That image of Spryo is so epic.

Relientk772364d ago

Must have Spyro and Crash

Instigator2364d ago

I would love to kick ass with Jak and/or Daxter. It would be really disappointing if they didn't make the roster.

@ comment 1 & 2
I had to change the submission, so your comments kinda got taken out of context. Sorry about that.

mttrackmaster382364d ago

It's a given that Jak & Daxter will be in the game. Sandover Village is a stage and somebody who already leaked all the details about the game way before the reveal (Paul or Ryan something)said they will be in.

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