God of War: Ascension – Multiplayer Preview [PSLS]

PSLS: "At the outset, the demo seemed to start with a close shot of Kratos, set to do battle, but as the camera pulled out and the player character donned a set of customizable armor, it was revealed that there were actually two players fighting a mini-boss Cyclops. One player used chains to pull the monster down while the other leapt onto the beast’s back. Dragging a massive sword down the monster’s chest, Vito Corleone-style, both players were treated to a nice close up of the Cyclops’ small intestine as it spilled out of the fresh gape in his abdomen."

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Sev2756d ago


doctorstrange2756d ago

Haha, I hope they have a multiplayer demo

stormeagle62756d ago

Soon they'll start releasing a demo of their demo, so you can demo while you demo.

Oaklnd2756d ago

GoW always holds it down. I want to see this one

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