Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Multiplayer Details, New Trailer and Screens

Anyone who owned an Xbox 360 in November of 2006 picked up one of two games -- or, if you're lucky enough, you bought both -- Rainbox Six Vegas or Epic's Gears of War. While Gears was certainly the more hyped of the two titles, Rainbox Six Vegas rose to the forefront of many gamers' minds as a contender for Game of the Year. While it did concede the honors in the end, the series clearly made the jump to high-definition gaming much easier than others. Some say it was the first fully realized Xbox 360 game to come on the market. Period. We would agree.

Now Ubisoft is preparing to unleash the sequel to the masses in Spring 2008. In the first part of IGN's interview they touched on the new character customization options and overall design of the single-player portion of Vegas 2. Now IGN are back with Jean-Pascal Cambiotti to go over what we can expect to see from the multiplayer side -- both cooperative and adversarial play -- of Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

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Douche3931d ago

I hope it can be this intense. If only devs could create this quality of friendly/enemy AI (mainly pointing out how your teammates interact constantly and express themselves). Of course, this involves a buttload of unique and fluent animations as well I guess. But if a level were to be raised with these certain features optimized, games would be this intense.

BigKev453931d ago

I'll pass on this one, COD4 baby

ThichQuangDuck3931d ago

For me it is between this and call of duty 4 and I think im going to get Rainbow Six Vegas 2 so im excited

1ben23931d ago

What the hell is wrong with those screenshots!!!!U-g-l-y

the 2nd one looks airbrushed

After seeing and playing beautiful COD 4...its hard to like another FPS

graphics wise...

(and UT3 looks hawt too, just not my cup of tea..)

Rocko3931d ago

So if this game is great, wtf are you gonna say then? More "lazy dev" and "ubisoft sucks" complaining i'd bet.

GITPWNED3931d ago

Ugly as sh1t? You sure you don't mean your face? If that's your face, I'd say so.

Vegas f*cking raped, still does, and it still looks more amazing than just about anything out. Go back and play through it again if you n00bs don't think so, or at least get a non-sh1tty HDTV to play it on. But I doubt you even own it, cuz you're a PS3rd n00b.

Dpa3931d ago

Actually panzer i have both versions and i honestly prefer the PS3 one.
1. PS3 one doesn't have a 5 second freeze when you try and change equipment online.
2. PS3 one has an instant match button which puts you in the best ping game that fits ur options automatically so your not waiting around for ages in a laggy game like on XBL.

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KillaManiac3931d ago

The first screenshots shown do look bleh, but none the less Vegas gives on a complete different multiplayer from any other FPS out there (as its tactical swat multiplayer).

If there is more customization and better stuff to unlock (instead of just like 1 of each kinda weapon). I will certainly be picking this up when it is released.

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The story is too old to be commented.