Midnight Purple 3DS Hits North America on 20th May

The rumour's true - Nintendo will release a purple 3DS console in North America this May. Find out more at Nintendo Life.

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Godchild10203465d ago

Just in time for Mario Tennis. I will wait for it to drop before I make my decision.

Godchild10203465d ago

I'm not talking about a price drop, I'm talk about the release date drop for the purple 3DS before I pick one up. I have a red one, but I do like purple.

Also it comes out the same day as Mario Tennis.

Smashbro293465d ago

Booooooo. We want 3DS Pro.

DA_SHREDDER3465d ago

nice, does it come with the circle pad?

evercast3465d ago

really wanting to trade in my blue one for this... depends on the next paycheck!