Nintendo, Sony face new patent suit

Ever since Immersion Corporation won its lawsuit against Sony over the rumble technology in PlayStation and PlayStation 2 DualShock controllers (and eventually forced nearly $100 million in damages and interest from the electronics giant), patent litigation has been a subject of keen interest in the gaming industry.

The latest dispute comes from the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania, where Copper Innovations Group late last month filed suit against Nintendo and Sony for a patent it holds on a "Hand Held Computer Input Apparatus and Method."

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toughNAME3935d ago

The American legal system is full of xbots

question 1 of the BAR -

I am a _bot

WilliamRLBaker3935d ago

yes because microsoft hasn't been sued for many other things in america? its not xbots its that americans like to sue people its the new gun.

riqued3935d ago

"An attorney for Copper declined to comment on the case (or the omission of Microsoft as a defendant)"

All three companies use wireless controllers, but only Nintendo and Sony are sued...

DrPirate3935d ago (Edited 3935d ago )

Allow me to comment with some expert knowledge.

My buddy, who is a programmer at Ubisoft says the Wii and the PS3 have miniature operating systems within the controllers themselves.

It is my belief, that the lawsuit lies within the underlieing BIOS of the controller, hence, Handheld Input/Output, which is what two of the letter in the anagram BIOS stand for. Basic Input/Output System.

I may be entirely off and wrong, but I don't think it's farfetched. Either way, their case has no grounds because the mini-BIOS in the Wii controller and the Sixaxis are proprietary since they were designed to work only with their own respective consoles.

KnowitAll3935d ago

Wow just wow.

"Copper Innovations Group is seeking damages plus interest, legal fees" godam.....

wait wait thiers more

" and an injunction permanently prohibiting Sony, Nintendo, or their agents from infringing upon the patent"

So thier supposed to make a recall?
Thiers no way someone is coming down to my house to "prohibit" my controler for the the game console I bought.

BrianC62343935d ago

"yes because microsoft hasn't been sued for many other things in america? its not xbots its that americans like to sue people its the new gun."

This problem isn't about Americans liking to sue. It's about our idiotic patent and trademark system. This idiot never should have been given the patent to start with. Did he even make an actual product or just decide the gaming industry would go this way and patent the idea?

I think holograms will one day be used in gaming. I think I'll patent the idea of using holograms with any type of gaming device. IF it ends up happening everyone will have to pay me millions.

ravinash3935d ago

I think it means that they get a cut of future sales and (according to them) they own part of the product.

athlon7703934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

and has a bluetooth license. Does this mean this company is also coming after my bluetooth headset for my cell phone, or the bluetooth mouse and keyboard on my pc? What does the wii use? Is it bluetooth as well, or a different RF design?

sloth4urluv3934d ago

Only two things I can think of that the DS3 and the wiimote have in common that the 360 doesnt is blue tooth and motion sensing.

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_Jedge3935d ago

wow i have to say that is a low blow. People will sue for anything . It is easy for companies to get sued for many little things. Hope sony and nintendo win. So that means if anyother company makes wireless controlers they may be sued as well?

ruibing3935d ago

I find the patent system appalling. For someone to be able to patent such a general idea as "Hand Held Computer Input Apparatus and Method" and then sit on it until some big electronic corporation use it somehow in their products and then sue them for it.

This along with their invention of "method for connecting devices to a system and sorting their inputs by means of hardware identification numbers tied to each transmission" seems to fall upon quite a bit of bluetooth handheld devices.

I have been considering patent law for grad school, but news like this simply disgusts me before I even enter through the door.

DrPirate3935d ago

Sony and Nintendo have hundreds of lawyers, notaries and file analysts who check all this before their hardware is released. I'm sure they saw this already and considered it negligible.

However, you can also bring up: So then how did Sony miss Immersion when it came to their Dualshock 2?

My answer is because they overlooked it when doing the original Dualshock, the rumble in the Dualshock 1 and 2 are near identical, I guess they thought they could've gotten away with it once, they could have gotten away with it the second time as well. However, it was their fault for missing the patent in the first place.

mintaro3935d ago

hmmmm, i wonder who wins? i wonder which has more resouces, sony and nintendo, or their opposition?

HarryEtTubMan3935d ago

Sony and Nintendo= Innovation

Something Microsoft has no clue about.

mintaro3935d ago

what does MS have to do with this?

GITPWNED3934d ago

F*cking moron. The only thing Sony are good at innovating are new ways to steal from everybody else, especially from Nintendo. n00b.

OJ_juice3934d ago

I agree with Harry. lol.

xbox just copies playstation.

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