The PSN Hack: One Year On

Eurogamer - 12 months ago, a no-doubt sweaty Sony communications chief sat down to pen a statement informing more than 70 million PlayStation Network account holders that their personal details - including credit card numbers - had just been compromised in one of the largest data hacks ever perpetrated.

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Drekken3067d ago

Dead horse: One year on.

Wintersun6163067d ago

Not for me, I prefer SP and got 2 free games + 1 month PS+. :) Also despite all the horror stories of CC info stealing, nothing happened to mine.

hiredhelp3067d ago

ms got hacked many times just dont say much about it,
companys get breached alot these days.

Mustang300C20123067d ago

Yes operating systems get hacked. Xbox Live has never been hacked. Individual personal emails have been hacked. Not the service itself.

Virus2013067d ago

No, Xbox Live has never had an outage due to external intrusion. No outage was ever as bad as what happened to Sony last year. Microsoft usually fixes the problem in a few hours, and no one's credit card information was stolen.

It was a sad time last year when I couldn't sign in to Psn. But hey, at least I got infamous for free.

BitbyDeath3067d ago

Correction: Xbox users credit card information was stolen.


You are right about it not having an outage for it though, then again that was Sony who brought their network down.

mr_badhand3067d ago

The media is definitely biased against Sony!

Mustang300C20123067d ago

So it is the medias fault for the hack, losses and position Sony is in?

mr_badhand3067d ago

Yes! You never read about how the WiiU will fail. Or how Nintendo posted its first biggest loss since the company began. Or anything about RRoD or anything negative about MS.

Nope, not one article for them. But Sony gets all the negative press. The media wants to see Sony fail!
All forms of media hates Sony!

Mustang300C20123067d ago

Did you seriously just claim no articles about RROD? LMAO. There is life outside of N4G. I highly suggest you look into that.

Hicken3067d ago

Ever heard of things like ratios? On a yearly, monthly, or even weekly basis, how many articles have a definitive or tangible anti-Sony lean, out of the total number of articles submitted? Contrast that with how many Microsoft or Nintendo sees. And even the content or subject of the negative articles is different.

Not only will you see more negative articles as a whole, but you will see more negative articles about POSITIVE things. How many negative articles does Nintendo or Microsoft see about new games/features? How many articles does Sony see?

It may not be a "conspiracy" in the sense that these sites are all collaborating, but it's pretty difficult to say that there isn't SOME truth to the view that Sony is unfairly blasted by the media.

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