Smash Bros Clones: What if Microsoft Followed Suit? - Sticky Trigger

Sticky Trigger Entertainment bring you a list of the best characters from Microsofts arsenal that they think should be included if Microsoft choose to go ahead and make a 'Smash Bros Clone' as well as look at possible types of game it could be.

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Relientk774174d ago (Edited 4174d ago )

Wtf!? on the second picture of the article,

what is that drug addict Kirby?

LackTrue4K4174d ago

hummm....5 out of the 10 pictured on the article are holding guns....i can see them use them for another shooter. not a fighting game...-_-

palaeomerus4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )


C'mon dude. This really is a really DUMB and clueless objection that has nothing much to do with either the characters OR the genre(whether a brawler or a fighter) and is easily dealt with anyway.

First of all, Smash Bro.s is not really a "fighting" game, it's a "brawler". And it already actually has ranged weapons, and guess what? So do many actual fighting games. But whatever.

Not that guns are any actual kind of barrier to anything. To put it bluntly, crossover brawlers are generally SUPPOSED to be absurd and outrageously stupid and cartoonish. That's part of the fun.

But forgetting even that, and accepting the supposed premise about melee, if we look at precedent it still doesn't work.

Are Pikachu and Samus known for melee? Not really. Does it stop them beign played in Smash Brothers?

Kratos is whirling chains all over the screen with swords on the end of them, and using a bow. Is that really melee? Seems pretty projectile oriented to me.

What about Scorpion and other ranged fighting game characters like Stryker in Mortal Kombat? What about all the fireballs and high and low shock-wave attacks and crap like that that are obviously used as projectiles?

Where was this supposed "melee only" objection with strreet Fighter IV or Marvel Vs. Capcom 3?

Even if being melee oriented WERE the big rule (and it's not) it's not a problem. A Master Chief character could still use an energy sword or gravity hammer or just melee with the butt of a weapon, just as Marcus Fenix could easily use his chainsaw bayonette.

Why are you going to such a silly length to argue against a hypothetical "me too" product that shows no signs of actually existing, when Sony is already making something similar and that has probably just as poor as a justification for its own excesses? The upcoming PS All Stars game has freaking Radek in it from Killzone! With a gun!

But that's totally fine right?


@BXBomber " also sony's characters stand out waaaayyy more than any ms character."

Actually I don't think anybody cares about 90% of Sony's "characters" including most Sony fans.

All Stars Battle Royale game is already looking like a sad cash-in or vanity project farce and a joke. Penny-Arcade and Destructoid are both laughing at the stupidity of it.


@ Jazz4108 "If ms did that then Sony would have to allow the character mandatory install and psn outage and maybe a giant enemy crab and firmware update."

I'm going to ignore the 'platform inconveniences as characters bit'.

But 'Giant Enemy Crab' TOTALLY needs to be on the All Stars Battle Royale roster.

That's exactly the kind of silly humor you WANT in a X-over Brawler game. And when he wins a round he needs to shout 'Yay! No one flipped me over and hit my weak spot for massive damage' or 'I'm historically authentic, these are real places, and these battle ACTUALLY happened!'.

basilezz30304173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )


NastyLeftHook04174d ago

if microsoft followed suit then the roster would be smaller than what would be expected for a smash bros or all stars type of game. unless they use a ton of third party.

jacksonmichael4174d ago

Yeah. But I'd still buy it for the Rare characters. Good chance that'd be the only way we'd see them again.

NastyLeftHook04174d ago

agreed, its a shame that killer instinct is on the back burner.

baodeus4173d ago


Not Exactly:

1. Master Chief (halo)
2. Marcus Fenix (Gears)
3. Joanna Dark (perfect Dark)
4. Alan Wake (Alan Wake)
5. Reaver (Fable 2)
6. Jason Fleming (Shadow Complex)
7. Alicia Claus (Bullet Witch)
8. Anna (Onechanbara)
9. Stranger (Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath)
10. Flint/Brutus/Tex/Hawk (Brute Force)
11. Duane (KuF:CoD)
12. Celestine Roaa (Magna Carta 2)

1. Kaim (lost Odyssey)
2. Regnier/celine/curian/Leinhart /kendal(KUF)
3. Jack of Blades (Fable 1)
4. Raikoh Minamoto (Otogi)
5. Ken Ogawa (Ninja Blade)
6. Death's Hand (jade Empire)
7. Juhani (KOTOR)
8. Yuri/Flynn Scifo (Tales of Vesperia)
9. Capel/Touma/Sigmund (Infinite Undiscovery)
10. Inphyy/Aspharr/Galen (Ninety-Nine Nights 1/2)
11. Aya/Saki (Onechanbara)
12. Rue (Magna Carta 2)

Psycho/Crazy/Destructive Power:
1. Agent (CrackDown)
2. Edgar/Protagoist/Freia (Phantom Dust) - all of them can be anything in any category
3. Gideon Wyeth (Advent Rising)
4. EDF team (Earth Defense Force)

Hand to Hand Combat:
1. Furious Ming/Silk Fox (Jade Empire)
2. Any Killer Instinct characters (Killer Instinct)
3. Enorym Tenspur (Advent Rising)
4. Crocell Reeden (Magna Carta 2)

Magic/quirky/Weird/Cartoon characters:
1. Kameo, Kalus (Kameo element of power)
2. Banjo & Kazooie (Banjo & Kazooie)
3. Theresa (Fable 1/2/3)
4. Conker (Conker Bad Fur Day)
5. Splosion Man (splosion man)
6. Blinx (Blinx)
7. The Gunstringer (The Gunstringer)
8. Horstachio (Viva Pinata)
9. Shao Ting (kung Fu Chaos)
10. Seimei (Otogi 2)
11. Henpecked Hou (jade empire)
12. Bastion (Bastion)
14. Estellise (Tales of Vesperia)
15. Jansen Friedh (Lost Odyssey)
16. Shu/Jiro/zola/Marumaro/Kluke (Blue Dragon)
17. Gustav (Infinite Undiscovery)
18. Tyurru (Ninety-nine Nights)
19. Eddie Stubbs (Stubbs the Zombie)
20. Cooper Chance (Grabbed by the Ghoolies)
21. Orta/mobo (Panzer Dragoon Orta)
22. Toe Jam & Earl (ToeJam & Earl 3)
23. Vince (Voodoo Vince)

Huge Muscular Characters:
1. Mech (Chrome Hound)
2. Tank (L4D)
3. Sister Hammer Hannah (Fable 2)

Honorable mention 3rd Parties (not exclusives):
1. Razputin (Psychonaunts) - psycho
2. Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) - gun/range
3. Ryo Hazuki (shenmue) - hand to hand combat
4. Ryu Hayabusa (NG) - sword/weapons

Laxman4173d ago

Oh my lord... That is very impressive.

GroundsKeeperJimbo4173d ago

Here's a bub; that's an impressive list.

Fylus4173d ago

Jack of Blades; Freaking yes.

MultiConsoleGamer4174d ago

Gee, wonder where I've heard this before?

jc485734174d ago

I don't know. I'm not really that excited about Playstation all stars, so I'm not too sure about microsoft following the same path.