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From the removal of irritating difficulty spikes, a revamped control scheme, to a graphical overhaul, the game eliminates many of the woes of the first game exhibiting the type evolutionary improvement displayed by its main character.

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sharpsword3331d ago

A bit long, but a good review.

deserteaglexix3331d ago

I'll try to keep it shorter.

madmad3331d ago

Longer is better with most things, right?

Damn, hate the part about buying in now to get Radnet access. Was going to wait until it dropped.

deserteaglexix3331d ago

What about waiting, Madmad? Longer is ALWAYS better?

Awesome_Gamer3330d ago

The game is good, but not a first week buy if you asked me

RaptorMan3331d ago

I wish this had a demo.

AngelFuria3331d ago

I really wanna play this game. Good review :)

CharmingMan3331d ago

Never finished the first one. I just got more frustrating than fun.

guitarded773331d ago

I didn't either... I just had too many games at the time. Anyway, I just started over from the beginning last night to play through it and catch up so I can pick up [PROTOTYPE] 2 on the cheap for Black Friday or something. The game does get frustrating at times.

sharpsword3331d ago

Yep, I'm glad they took care of that for the sequel.

Hoping I get this for $20, which I played for Prototype.

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