Sony To Bring "Bite-Sized" PSP Games To PlayStation Store

"We have an opportunity to bring bite-size experiences to the system, ten second, pick up and play content that can be downloaded from the store," Koller told, part of an effort to expand the PSPs demographic.

In addition to those short-session downloadable games, plans for more legacy PSP titles are planned. Koller said the company will be re-releasing older PlayStation Portable titles as downloads, ones that "retailers aren't interested in carrying at this stage, games that we hear a lot of demand from PSP owners-titles like Wipeout, Twisted Metal-gamers who say 'I want to play this' but can't find it at retail anymore."

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Darkiewonder3936d ago

Oh, anyways, I want Lumines, Popolocris. and find a way to get DJ Portable max 1 and 2 here. Thanks!

godoftime3936d ago

im glad to see there is tons of support for us PSP owners

Xemnas3936d ago

Hey sony where is my Mvc1 and 2? O_O and my CTR for the US store?

DrPirate3936d ago

The critically acclaimed (By Me) and fully endorsed (By me) greatest handheld game ever made (My opinion): Beats.

felman873936d ago

bring on Lumines and some Tower Defense games. (I.Q. for the PS1 might be asking too much, though it is on the Jap store *wink wink*)

Armyless3935d ago

I am secretly addicted to Tower Defense games. Msg me if you want a couple links to some of the best.

GamerMan3935d ago

Yeah, I'm addicted to those games also.. I have tried playing them from my PS3/PSP but to no avail.. I still have to boot up the PC to play them :(

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