This Special Week in Japan

This week in Japan - Famitsu rates some massive games, while we look at Square Enix's foray into the DS, preview some big TGS announcements and review some of Microsoft's Xbox 360 announcements...

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kewlkat0075853d ago

"It's great seeing Kojima announce a game. It's probably not a Metal Gear Solid game; it might be something small, for an unexpected console. Something on the DS would be nice. Or maybe something on the Xbox 360?

Hideo Kojima was at the Xbox 360 media briefing yesterday. I saw him with my own two eyes. When the final presentation was finished, and just as the software lineup preview trailer finished showing off Vampire Rain (big noir action-RPG about vampires, by Artoon, on sale in January 2007), Lost Planet, and Gears of War, Kojima hoisted his leather laptop bag onto his shoulder and stealthily dashed to the door, where -- get this -- none other than Dead Rising producer Keiji Inafune, one of the more charismatic supporters of the 360, was waiting for him.

This might, however, not mean anything. Still. Kojima was there, and he saw Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon. Some part of me feels it was a pretty good thing that he did. We'll see, at any rate. "