5 good reasons games are not art

Gamers have fits of Internet rage when non-gamers attack the video game industry. Roger Ebert has spoken out against the idea that games can be an art form. Most gamers will tell you that Ebert doesn’t know what he’s talking about. But what if he does? What if he’s right? What if games actually aren’t “art” at all? Don’t panic. Back away from the ledge. Here are five good reasons why it doesn’t matter whether or not games are art.

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Sadie21004049d ago

You know, I wasn't sure where I stood in this argument, but this all makes sense and makes it easier for me. I'll go with "not art." :)

rezzah4049d ago

Anything can be art, it is based on the interpreter.

Art is a belief and beliefs can be anything.

So for those who points out reasons for and against in a topic being artistic, they are just fighting a meaningless battle.

Look at how you want it to be, but know that won't make it what you think it is for someone else.

guitarded774049d ago

Well said rezzah.

I get the author's point... it's basically F-U to the "games aren't art" people. I personally think that we are surrounded by art. Not in a pretentious d-bag type of way, but I enjoy art and find it everywhere. I like seeing the picture of Journey there... after playing the first 5 minuets of the game I said aloud "this is art".

Bimkoblerutso4049d ago

It's not really a matter of whether or not it's art. It is art. Barbie Horse Adventure is technically "art."

But I wholeheartedly agree with number 5; it really doesn't matter one way or the other. Games don't need to conform to any ridiculous categorizations to be culturally and (probably more importantly) personally significant.

TheFinalEpisode4049d ago

Games>Art that's what the article basically says and I agree

jthamind4049d ago

i don't think games in general are art, but games CAN be art. the "can be" applies to games like Flower, Journey, Shadow of the like those (and i use the term "game" loosely in the case of the former two since they're more like experiences) aren't just about winning or losing, they're about speaking to you on different levels than a normal game does. they're about trying to convey something, trying to touch you in a certain emotional way, and that's why i'd call them art.

obviously video games in general aren't art; there's nothing artistic about Madden, Halo, Mario, etc, but there are a few examples in gaming that show that games can reach that level if the developers have the right ideas and execute them well.

davidfca4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

Cheating a little on the headline there, folks :)

Also, hi, Hilary, been a while. It's the skinny dude who used to sit around the office in his boxers.

Ethereal4049d ago

Well I didn't read the article but games are a form of art in my opinion. It really depends on how to define art.

MattyG4049d ago

you should read the article. It's very well written. It presents some very good points that show why art and video games are on total opposite ends of the spectrum.

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