The all-too-real future of video games

Technology correspondent Bobbie Johnson in Las Vegas discovers wraparound vision and what it feels like to be shot in the head in the sensational games of the future

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thedude176553960d ago

Yes he has the classic gamers body, but there were a few things within the piece that were interesting. i especially like the computer monitor that brings the game more to life.

jaja14343960d ago

Mark my words their will soon come a point where real is to real. I mean really who wants to see photo realistic brains fly out whenever you shoot someone in the head...

VigorousApathy3960d ago

Our kids when we have them, sadly.

BWS19823960d ago

having the sensation of being shot (well a slight sensation that is to notify the gamer of a shot) is a novelty that probably would get old fast. I could be wrong though, depends I guess how it's implemented.

Also not be offensive but the reporter needs to reserve Wii fit when he's done w/ the show.

Spydiggity3960d ago

wow, this guy might be a huge fat ass, but he's definitely NOT a gamer.
Did anyone notice that aside from getting shot over and over in those shooters, he also wasn't really playing the guitar in guitar hero?

interesting stuff anyway, though i doubt people would want to go through all the trouble of putting on that vest and helmet.

but, that monitor makes me a little moist.