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Donkey Kong: Jungle Climber - 4/5

You'd win no prizes for guessing that this offers a healthy dose of good old-fashioned platform-style gameplay - after all, it's a Donkey Kong game. Jungle Climber is surprisingly original, though.

Scene It? Lights, Camera, Action - 3/5

Some 1,800 questions are included, with relatively few repeats to spoil the illusion. The presenter and backstory are unnecessarily intrusive, though, and you'll need at least two people to make it worthwhile. But as party games go, this is the best there is on the 360.

Sam & Max: Moai Better Blues - 3/5

With excellent script and voice acting, Sam & Max remain pretty much the best-developed characters in gaming, and watching them swap banter almost makes up for the linear action. If only these bite-sized episodes could add a bit more depth and variety to the arcade sequences, the series would deserve to run and run.

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