No US PS3 price drop

Sony Computer Entertainment America has reportedly clarified that the Japanese PlayStation 3 price drop announced overnight will not affect US pricing.

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kewlkat0075851d ago

Sony just backstabbed the US and Europe and no one cared to comment. I guess all is quiet on this front.

HiSpeedSoldier615851d ago

People will only comment if it keeps the anti-sony bonfire flaming

People are bashing about the price drop in japan (Why?? if it is not too expensive it is too cheap?, bash, bash, bash) If sony dropped the price of the cheaper model in all territories, MS fanboys would be posting about how stupid sony is and how their admiting defeat to MS by dropping the price.

Seriously, kewlkat, do you miss all that?

Dick Jones5851d ago

The United States isn't some 2nd class country that can't afford to pay for a PS3. No thanks, Americans don't need hand outs.