Impossible Gears of War deal at Circuit City

It's actually kind of funny how they always seem to be pulling of stupid things at Circuit City. This time they're distributing coupons via OXM Magazine giving you a discount on various games of which one of them, Gears of War is not even out yet. Nothing wrong with that you might say, but the coupon expires before the game's even available!

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FeralPhoenix5847d ago

What's going over there at Circuit City?....this type of stuff is bad for business, funny though.

STICKzophrenic5847d ago

Ever heard of PRE-ORDERS? I bet if you took the coupon, and grabbed one of the pre-order tickets, they would scan the ticket then scan the coupon.

TheXgamerLive5846d ago

Pay in full and your getting the 15% discount. Why the dumb article on a good deal?