New York Times: HD DVDs Fall Like Dominoes

New York Times reports:

This comes after Warner Brothers, which had been issuing movies in both formats, decided to go exclusively with Sony's Blu-ray format. Variety also reports that retailers may also put pressure on Universal and Paramount to back Blu-ray. Last summer, Blockbuster decided to go with Blu-ray only.

So what appeared to be a stalemate may, with one relatively small move by Warner, now turn out to be a quick victory for Sony. The fight between the systems has hurt studios, electronics makers and consumers. And I suspect a winner - any winner - will be welcomed by all sides (except Toshiba and Microsoft, a key partner).

Of course, one reason for the standoff is that there are real merits to both sides, as many of the comments to our post on Warner's move expressed.

For now, if you actually want a copy of a movie that you can count on playing in the future, it's rational to buy one in a format supported by all the players in the industry, and one that exists in three dimensions. The seeming triumph of Blu-ray only makes that easier and safer.

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WilliamRLBaker3938d ago

Has nothing to do with gaming, Or Tech no new tech is being talked bout no new techincal information.
Has nothing to do with the gaming industry, has nothing to do with gaming its all about the movie side of hd dvd and blu ray.

beoulve3938d ago

To all that b!tch about too much HD media news, this week is CES 2008. If you dont want to read any HD media news, please fast forward your life 1 week ahead, otherwise deal with it,HD media news has great response over it anyway which mean gamers dig it.

AuburnTiger3938d ago

that's why this is in the TECH section....

HarryEtTubMan3938d ago

It has to do with Blu Ray beating HD DVD(which is in every PS3) Stop trying to censor the news because Microsft got PWND HOMO

Hagaf223938d ago

this is huge news for the industry when one of the largest consoles FULLY depends and supports blu-ray

drtysouf 213938d ago

are still backing HD DVD the media is making HD DVD look really bad.

resistance1003938d ago

What you need to remember, is that the public will hear the medias side of it, and if the media is saying stay away from HD DVD, blu-ray is the winner, the people will opt for blu-ray over HD DVD. Expect HD DVD sales to slowly begin to decline now and the gap between the 2 formats will widen, it will be interesting to track nelison numbers over the next few weeks aswell

rofldings3938d ago

Already happening:

Seems like everyone's jumping ship.

Bathyj3938d ago

The irony is, the media are doing to HDDVD, what they've been doing to PS3 for the last 2 years.

Funny how things change, like remember how Mart used to post alot?

davez823938d ago

wow this is a bigger bomba news than when dmc4 went to 360. Hd-dvd really is getting this rubbed in to the extreme.

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The story is too old to be commented.