Kane and Lynch Sells Over 1 Million Copies

SCi Entertainment and Eidos announced today that Kane and Lynch: Dead Men has sold over 1 million copies at retail since release in November. Developed by IO Interactive, makers of Hitman, Kane and Lynch has had much success on retail shelves and this doesn't surprise SCi.

"We anticipate a positive sales trend to continue through the remainder of FY08 and for Kane and Lynch to firmly establish itself as another key franchise for the Group," said SCi.

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Da360sucks3959d ago

this game sucks
bottom line

Winter47th3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

This game is a BLAST on co-op, but i too agree that as the majority's obviously play in SP, it's not nearly as fun as playing it with a buddy, the story's pretty good to be honest.

Glad to see it sold well, new IPs deserve more credite especially on Next-Gen.


but i just want to put my 2 cents regarding this matter . There is alot of people that plays videogames but doesnt come on the internet listen to what critics or the reviewer says. There the smart ones because they buy the games they want to play and even if it does suck they try it . good for kane and lynch ...i have posted alot of anti xbot message but on a serious note gaming is for everyone love what you have .

Panthers3959d ago

co-op was cool. That was all. I never got to the online part but I heard it was cool.

masterg3959d ago

I bought the game simply because the developer (IO Interactive) is Danish like myself and I loved the first couple of Hitman games.

This game took me about 1 hour before I had had enough.
It shoots and misses in just about every aspect that is possible.

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Appo3959d ago (Edited 3959d ago )

They probably faked this, too. You know, just like they faked the reviews.

None the less, it still deserves to be approved.

ktchong3959d ago

it's *very* heavily advertised on the television (in the US).

Dlacy13g3959d ago

I played the was ok, but nothing I would rush out and buy.

MattyF3959d ago

The demo was very dull to me. I am shocked to see 1 million sales of this game.

Nevers3959d ago

it just didn't have any polish. Visually I was just not pleased. There was no detail given to an already mundane office setting. I'm sure the whole game isn't like this (hopefully) and I realy wanted this demo to reverse what I'd heard.

... now, maybe a rental down the road ... I've heard the Mp's innovative and the story sounds interesting, but no buy for me.

Kudos to the new IP though

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The story is too old to be commented.