New Street Fighter IV screenshots and trailer

Famitsu published a new batch of screenshots and a new Street Fighter IV trailer. Enjoy it.

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KidMakeshift3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Does anyone like the new art style?

I think it's the faces that ruin it for me

poos33936d ago

these somy trolls domnt rest angry cause its a capcom game aye and its multiplat so let me guess u play street fighter to look at the facial animation go troll somewhere else thid gors for the troll lucebight also

Panthers3936d ago

poos3, you must be mesh, judging from your lack of typing or speaking skills. How does his comment have anything to do with the PS3? He does not like the art. That is all. I think it looks pretty cool, but that is just me.

KidMakeshift3936d ago

Dammit! My post landed on poo again

texism3936d ago

I'm with you man. I like how they kept 2d game play, and I like the style. It's just the cavemen faces that ruins it. Oh well, I'm still going to buy it anyways.

Lifendz3935d ago

the game runs smooth but c'mon, who didn't expect it would. Why they made such a drastic change to the chars is beyond me. Everyone looks like they're training with Barry Bonds and Roger Clements. I'm sure I'll purchase it and eventually won't mind the looks, but if they had simply improved upon the look of Street Fighter III I think they wouldn't be receiving so much criticism on the character models.

GITPWNED3935d ago

The faces look sh1t, but other than that, it's not bad.

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Luca Blight3936d ago

Kidmakeshift. And I'm a big fan of handdrawn 2D type games. Something just doesn't seem right with SF4, and the faces are definetely part of it.

KidMakeshift3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

It's still early, and most gamers have been complaining that it looks too American, so we might see some changes.

I get what the developers are going for (SFII color palette and simplicity), but I was really hoping for something that would blow me away like Virtual Fighter 5 and Soul Calibur 4 which look phenomenal graphically (yeah, I know they break no new ground gameplay and presentation wise).

I'm glad that it's sticking to 2D fighting wise. I'm huge fan of 2d fighters: Hokuto no Ken, Darkstalkers, Guilty Gear, Samurai Spirits (unfortunately going back to 3d), Kabuki Klash, Ninja Masters, Last Blade, Garou, Red Earth, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Marvel vs Capcom, etc

Peekay3936d ago

released by 1up, but i really like this trailer. The colors are vibrant. The motion is fluid and fast, and the blur is done well. I think i'll live.

Mikelarry3936d ago

god ken tatsumaki (00.29) is even more deadly than before. definatly gonna get this

Xemnas3936d ago

Yeah the face is bad everything els is fine

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